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Smoking medical marijuana is now available to Louisiana patients

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Baton Rouge, Los Angeles (WAFB) – Louisiana’s medical marijuana program may still be in its infancy, but it made headway on Saturday January 1, 2022 when raw, smokeable marijuana was added to the list of products available to patients.

Unlike other states with medical marijuana programs, Louisiana patients will not be required to carry a medical card. Instead, they will only need a recommendation from any doctor in Louisiana for the drug and can get it from any of the nine dispensaries across the state.

“Because it’s still a Schedule I drug, it can’t go through a regular pharmacy. Gretna Rep. Joseph Marino, who chairs the state medical marijuana commission, said when the federal government changes that, then we can change the way it works.

And with the new law comes new police procedures when it comes to stopping traffic with weeds in the car.

“Individuals who have medical marijuana, as I was instructed, should have medical marijuana in a despicable place with their names mentioned there. They must have their identity and the villainy,” said Jane McNeely of the Baton Rouge Police Department, “and when we know it is medical cannabis, we move on.” without any charges being brought against this particular person.”

Smoking medical marijuana is now available to Louisiana patients.(WFP)

Louisiana has two farms that provide every single produce for each dispensary. Someone said they had enough green to meet the demand.

“They are now in stock and there are more flowers in the Agriculture and Forestry Department’s test pipeline that will be available in mid-January,” said John Davis of Good Day Farm Louisiana.

At the moment, Davis said, there are only two strains available to choose from, but he also has a gene library with more than 150 unique and rare strains that they are working on.

“Over time, we will release additional strains to the market so that patients will have an ever-increasing selection of strains,” Davis explained.

Raw marijuana is set to cost significantly less than the tinctures and oils that were once the only options, making it accessible to patients who need it most.


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