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This Is Where Ulster County, Northern Dutchess Towns Stand On Marijuana Sales, On-Site Consumption

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Municipalities across New York are grappling with the issue of allowing marijuana dealers within their borders and lounges where the newly certified drug can be used.

The state legalized recreational marijuana use in March and gave cities and towns across the state until Friday, December 31, to opt out of allowing pot shops and/or lounges.

In Ulster County, more than half of the municipalities have decided to allow at least retail sales.

According to the data you collected Rockefeller Institute of Government However, the majority of the 27 municipalities in nearby Dutchess County have chosen not to participate in both shops and smoking lounges.

For many communities that allow retail, and in some cases on-site consumption, the decision comes down to an economic factor: Municipal leaders see the start-up business as an opportunity to create jobs and a way to boost their revenue — because cities will share a portion of the 4% local sales tax The result is the cannabis sold in their communities.

For communities that have decided to allow on-site sales and consumption, decisions are final, but state law allows municipalities that choose not to reconsider the issue in the future.

Under New York’s marijuana legalization law, people age 21 or older can own up to 3 ounces of cannabis or 24 grams of cannabis concentrates in the state. In addition, they can smoke marijuana wherever tobacco smoking is permitted.

The State Cannabis Control Commission will establish regulations for the retail sale of marijuana, and the State Cannabis Control Board will begin issuing retail licenses.

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Below is a breakdown of, as of the December 31 deadline, for where the Ulster County and Northern Dutchess communities stand on whether to allow marijuana stores and smoking lounges.

Ulster County

• City of Kingston: Retail sales, yes. On-site consumption, yes.

• Denning: retail, yes; Consumption, yes.

• Ellenville Village: Retail stores, yes. Consumption, yes.

• Esopus: retail, no; consumption, no.

• Gardiner: retail, yes; consumption, no.

• Hardenberg: Retail, yes; Consumption, yes.

Hurley: Retail, yes. Consumption, yes.

• City of Kingston: retail, yes. consumption, no.

• Lloyd: Retail, yes. Consumption, yes.

• Marbletown: Retail, yes. Consumption, yes.

• Marlboro: Retail, yes. Consumption, yes.

New Paltz Township: Retail, yes. Consumption, yes.

• New Paltz Village: retail, yes. Consumption, yes.

• Olive: Hash, yes. Consumption, yes.

• Platicel: retail, no; consumption, no.

• Rochester: retail, yes; Consumption, yes.

• Rosendale: retail, yes; Consumption, yes.

• Town of Saugerties: retail, no; consumption, no.

• Village Saugerties: retail, yes; Consumption, yes.

• Shandaken: retail, yes; Consumption, yes.

• Shawangunk: retail, no; consumption, no.

• Ulster: retail, yes; consumption, no.

• Wawarsing: retail, no; consumption, no.

• Woodstock: Retail, yes. Consumption, yes.

North Dutch

Clinton: Retail, yes. On-site consumption, no.

• Hyde Park: Retail, no. consumption, no.

• Milan: retail, no. consumption, no.

• Pine plains: retail, yes; consumption, no.

• Red Hook Township: retail, yes; consumption, no.

• Red Hook Village: Retail, yes. consumption, no.

Rheinbeck: Retail, no. consumption, no.

Rheinbeck Village: retail, no. consumption, no.

• Tivoli Village: shop, no. consumption, no.

Source: https://www.dailyfreeman.com/tag/marijuana/


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