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Bruce Banner Strain Review 2022 [Updated]

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This plant structure is one of the strongest strains readily available on the market today. The Bruce Banner strain evokes a distinct feeling of euphoria accompanied by a special sweet floral scent. This breed is common in the United States, especially in Colorado, where it is widely distributed.

Sativa / Indica internal return outdoor yield flowering period
60%/40% 21 oz/m2 35 oz/vegetable 9 – 10 weeks indoors, early October outdoors.

Review: Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain

The Bruce Banner is known as one of the strongest breeds in the world today. This strain is named after Incredible Hulk For good reason, the levels of THC and its powerful effects alone are enough to ensure a solid and heavy duty for any user High cerebral and physical.

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Created in the legendary Delta9 Laboratories, this hybrid is a beautiful sativa-dominant cross between fragrant strawberry diesel and an undisputed top-tier strain. og kush. Bruce Banner has a profile hard-hitting breed With balanced effects, giving you the best of the world and its climaxing effects.

Bruce Banner Breed Information:

the origin OG Kush Mixed With Strawberry Diesel
Effects happy – 10
Orgasm – 9
raised – 8
Relaxed – 8
Creative – 6
Adverse Reactions (Negative) dry mouth – 10
dry eyes – 5
Dizzy – 3
Paranoid – 1
worry – 1
perfume Diesel, pink, tart, strawberry, sweet
flavors Raspberry, diesel, strawberry and sweet
medical Stress – 10
Depression – 9
Pain – 8
Fatigue – 5
Nausea – 4
flowers inside 9-10 weeks
Flower time outdoors early October
plant height Long
% THC content 24%-29%
CBD % 1.00%
indica/sativa% 40%/60%
internal production 21 oz/m2
productivity abroad 35 oz/vegetable
climate Warm and dry outdoor climate
growth level Average
disease resistance high resistance

*10 is the highest
*1 is the lowest

MK is very feminine

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You will get Bruce Banner, a proper name of the uber breed Average Unmatched. This hybrid is an incredibly uplifting strain that will only take a few puffs to get there.

Bruce Banner It is the obvious favorite of many who are looking for the perfect balance of a positive mindset mixed with a clear lightness of mind.


This social sativa is a powerful mood-lifting machine. you will feel euphoric And like your head in the clouds. Bruce Banner is a powerful motivator with a very encouraging effect that will make you feel happy, smiling and laughing all at once and for no reason.

dynasty banner bros
Bruce Banner dynasty

Bruce Banner is a Colorado A classic that will make you feel tight and relaxed, breathing in good vibrations. this is hybrid It can bring you inspiration, especially if you are the creative and artistic type. You will find yourself thinking unique and vibrant ideas that you never had before.


Bruce Banner has a strong pungent scent that is easily noticeable and can be recognized by many experts.

This hybrid is a sweet-smelling flower and will leave the scent of fresh strawberries hanging in the air, mixed with the very strong scent of diesel.


this is Good smell The hybrid tastes pretty much the same as it smells. You can immediately predict its taste by the aroma entering the room with this aromatic flower.

Bruce Banner tastes like fresh, wild berries, and sweet It will cover your lips with a raspberry flavor that you won’t soon forget.

Bruce Banner Fragrance Dynasty
Bruce Banner flavor

Negative feedback

Bruce Banner is a very powerful hybrid with surprisingly few side effects. Because of its strength, this strain can sometimes make you feel a little dizzy shortly after you smoke it, and this can sometimes develop into a mild episode of paranoia.

Some users may feel some anxiety when smoking this strain, which can leave you feeling some discomfort. Bruce Banner usually makes you feel a little dry, with a catty mouth, dry and itchy eyes being fairly normal.


Bruce Banner is a very powerful aid in the medical cannabis scene and has gained popularity due to his many healing talents. this is the structure Of a strain that continues to successfully treat chronic patients stress disorders they are having a hard time trying to find true relaxation.

This is hybrid It is also very effective for patients suffering from depression, as it is a powerful mood lifter that will soon make you forget all your negative thoughts. If you suffer from fatigue, Bruce Banner can help you with that as well, energizing you instantly and invigorating mind and body.

Bruce Banner is awesome in healing pain Symptoms, and a great tool for pain control, especially for common ailments like joint pain, back pain, muscle spasms, and migraines.

This strain is amazing too cancer patients Who need to induce more health appetite that they may have lost during radiation or chemotherapy.

growing bruce dynasty banner
Growing Bruce Banner

Flowering time

Bruce Banner grown indoors can cultivate very respectable fruit Even indoors. You can expect about 21 ounces of good sprout while harvesting this plant. This hybrid usually takes 9 to 10 weeks to flower and mature to pluck.

This hybrid produces intensively when cultivated outdoors, in a warm and dry outdoor climate. Bruce Banner can produce an average yield of about 35 ounces per plant and can be expected to be ready for a hearty harvest during early October.

Bruce Banner origin

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bruce Banner Dynasty

What is the yield of the Bruce Banner strain?

Bruce Banner produces 21oz/m2 indoors and 35oz/m2 outdoors.

How Much THC Is in a Bruce Banner Strain?

24% to 29%

What are the origins of the Bruce Banner dynasty?

Bruce Banner was originally developed by Delta 9, who originally bred it as a mix of strawberry diesel And og kush.

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