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Breathable and eco-friendly mask for teens and senior citizens: pure hemp face covering from the cannabis foundation

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I was born in a typical Marathi house. Although my mother was Gujarati, we have followed almost all Marathi traditions since my father is from Maharashtra and almost all of my relatives live in Pune.

Even in our daily life we ​​followed simple rules of Maharashtra house, for example just before going out we would ask ourselves:

Peru Che Baba?

lol…looks weird?

This means: Before checking out, please check if you have done the following:

– pencil
– Rumal (handkerchief)
– Key chain)
– corridor (train)
– bag (wallet)

It has redefined the new standard

PeRu Che PaPa to:

PhoRu Che MaSa:

In the new normal mode, this means: Before checking out, please check if you have done the following:

– phone
– Rumal (handkerchief)
– String (COVID key and other keys)
– mask (face mask)
– disinfectant

A face mask has become the most important accessory while out of the house. One may forget to hold the phone, but forgetting the mask invites many passersby to stare. Besides, it also poses a health hazard to oneself.

My whole family believes in #AtmaNirbharBharat and also prefers eco-friendly products. Our motto at home is to reduce reuse and recycle.

There has been a flood of face masks in the market these days and it is becoming difficult for a person to choose the right one. There is a campaign about the benefits of single-use masks. Dig deeper and you will realize that by using a single-use mask, you are doing damage to the environment.

Disposable masks are bad news for the environment and will increase pollution. Instead, we turn to sustainable, reusable masks that won’t harm the environment.

Best mask for kids

We were looking for a reusable mask that is made in India, affordable and helps us breathe easily.

Our research ended with the Hemp Foundation’s Pure Hemp Face Cover.

The site says that these hemp masks It is eco-friendly, organic and ethically sourced from farmers in Uttarakhand. The founder of the Hemp Foundation, Vishal Vivek, has purchased all the required licenses. Although hemp is from the cannabis family, it has minimal content. Experts consider it an excellent crop and a superfood. The use of hemp to manufacture fabrics is legal in India.

CEO, Hemp . Foundation
Vishal Vivek – Executive Founder of the Hemp Foundation

In times of the COVID19 pandemic when cheap synthetic masks are straining our ecosystem, it is essential to promote a sustainable face mask. Vivek’s ideology is to be environmentally friendly by promoting Hemp in the fashion industry.

Non-blurring face mask
My 15-year-old son, Abhimanyu, loves the mask because of the fit and says it doesn’t clutter his glasses.

Features of the Pure Hem Face Cover I loved:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antimicrobial
  • organic
  • easy to breathe
  • anti mold
  • sustainable
  • reusable
  • Made in India

You can check out the product and its features in detail on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hempfoundation

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