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New York hemp in 2022

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The first year of legal cannabis use for adults in New York seems as good as any year to continue Canna Law’s blog tradition From the annual reflection on It’s all hemp (and now Dope too!). 2021 was a pioneering year for the cannabis industry in New York. We expect 2022 to be another year to push the cannabis industry into full operation. Let’s take a look at the noteworthy events in 2021 and what we expect to see in 2022.

Noteworthy events in 2021

Marijuana Tax and Regulation Act (MRTA)

Maybe it took few years, global pandemic and political scandal(s), but the New York legislature finally passed Comprehensive cannabis law Legalization of adult use of cannabis. MRTA has also expanded the medical cannabis program in New York and renewed the New York cannabis program. We have a fully functioning and equitable cannabis industry framework, Delay In appointments and issuing bylaws and regulations.

We will not paraphrase the details of MRTA, which you can read about hereAnd hereAnd hereAnd here, and watch) here (among other functions). The important thing is that cannabis use for adults is now legal in New York, and we’re finally moving forward.

Cannabis Control Board and Cannabis Management Office

Speaking of moving forward, on September 1, 2021, New York Operation started Formation of the Cannabis Control Board (CCB) and the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). Starting with the appointments of Tremaine Wright as president of CCB and Christopher Alexander as CEO of OCM, by the end of September 2021, all CCB board seats (writing operations for CCB board members) had been filled here And here).

China Construction Bank meetings

As of October of 2021, the CCB began holding regular (semi) public meetings. As we detailed in our summaries, the meeting agendas were primarily administrative in nature as the CCB and OCM build the foundation for the regulatory agency in New York. Separately, CCB and OCM have pushed forward the expansion of two programs as required by the MRTA…

Expanding the Medical Cannabis Program in New York

Right after the bat, CCB expanded a previously restricted medical cannabis program in New York. here our summary. Here are the shelf notes: Increasing the number of prescriptions allowed, increasing maximum patient supply to 60 days, and enabling patients to purchase a whole flower.

Introducing the Renewed Cannabis Cannabis Program

The CCB has implemented major changes to New York’s cannabis cannabis program. We provided summaries here And here. Big Ticket Items: 1) Cannabis cannabis orders are processed by the OCM, 2) a new licensing type has been created for “Cannabinoid Hemp-Farm Processors” that allows flower products to be manufactured for cannabis grown by the licensee, and 3) a definition of “craft” has been added for cannabis products .

On the horizon for 2022

Two things happened at the beginning of the year of great importance to the cannabis industry in New York. First, we passed the municipal opt-out deadline of December 31, 2021. Second, CCB President Tremaine Wright issued a public statement about the CCB’s issuance of adult use rules and regulations.

Deadline for withdrawal from the municipality

As of January 1, 2022, here This is where we stand: 642 towns, villages and cities have chosen to withdraw from retail dispensaries and 733 municipalities have chosen to withdraw from on-site consumption lounges. Who is at home?, which is a 42% opt-out rate for retail dispensaries and a 48% opt-out rate for on-site consumption lounges. These numbers may seem large, but there are two important things to remember.

First, a number of municipalities that were excluded did so because they felt there was a lack of information about how the adult cannabis industry in New York was regulated. This justification makes sense since a municipality can choose again regarding any type of license at any time (and cannot opt ​​out if it initially opted out).

Second, New York’s withdrawal rates are much lower than in neighboring countries. For example, the opt-out rate in New Jersey is 70%. The big picture: The numbers reflect that New York is ready to embrace adult cannabis.

Timeline of rules and regulations

Did we bury the valve? CCB President Tremaine Wright has announced that she hopes the New York Adult Use Rules and Regulations will be available for public comment this month (January 2022), and will be open for public comment through March 2022. The announcement came during New York Crane Business Forum On December 15, 2021.

Moderator Wright added that she “adheres to the 18-month timeline that was proposed when [MRTA] in March, but hopes that businesses can start applying for licenses before September.”

This second statement is significant in itself, as President Wright’s previous statement regarding the 18-month timeline for licensing was to continue from her initial announcement in November 2021. This new timeline would be critical, as it constitutes the lifting of the license by 8 months. .

Of course.. the devil is in the details. Using ‘hope’ means that this new schedule(s) is not a fixed or even a firm commitment. But this is an indication that CCB and OCO are speeding up their internal operations.

New York hemp in 2022

On the whole, our esteemed colleague Hilary Bricken He said it better:[we] Look to 2022 as the year of building for cannabis in New York, which will be a great opportunity for the state to develop its program in close coordination with stakeholders of all kinds. “Have a successful 2022 for the New York cannabis industry! We plan to be here every step of the way.”

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