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Polish hemp varieties lead grain and fiber trials in North Dakota

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Two of the best-performing Polish hemp varieties were again in research trials this year by the North Dakota State University (NDSU) Carrington Research Center.

Henola, grown for edible seeds, outperformed seven Canadian hemp varieties in grain production while Biaobrzeskie, an ancient Polish type of fiber, reached heights of nearly 6’8 inches (~2 metres), more than one foot in second. Variety of trials.

Both types of hemp were developed by researchers at the Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants (IWNiRZ), Pozna, Poland, a government agency for research and development that is the official custodian of the Polish hemp varieties through Polish cannabis program.

Heinola topping the cereal

It showed that Henola produced 1,266 lbs. of seed per acre (~1.42 t/ha) topped a total of nine cultivars tested. It is the second year that Henola has achieved the best grain production performance in NDSU research, topping a total of 11 varieties in the first year of trials in 2020.

Since farmers are turning more to the production of grain and fiber, Biaobrzeskie offers the possibility of double cultivation. In addition to producing most of the fiber, Biaobrzeskie produced 1,000 lbs. of seeds per acre (~1.1 t/ha), ranking fourth in that category among the studied cultivars.

The Carrington Center experiments with a variety of crops and cultivars each year with the goal of helping North Dakota growers know which varieties are ideal for their region. The Canadian cannabis varieties in the NDSU 2021 cannabis variety trials were CFX-2, CRS-1, Katani, Canda, Joey, Vega and X-59.

High scores in Europe

Developed specifically for cereal cultivation during seven years of breeding research at IWNiRZ’s Pętkowo pilot plant, Henola debuted in Europe on a limited basis in 2017, and subsequently entered the US market in 2018.

The Polish Hemp Program (PHP), an initiative set up by IWNiRZ to manage the marketing of intellectual property worldwide, said reports from Europe also showed high yields from Henola. In Poland, a controlled commercial harvest by IWNiRZ produced 2.6 tons of grain per hectare (~1.04 t/acre) while a separate commercial organic farm reached a record production of 1.7 tons of grain per hectare (~0.68 t/acre). According to the institute, a farmer in Germany raised Henola by organic methods, harvesting 1.32 tons of hemp seeds per hectare (about 0.53 tons/acre).

Henola has been selected to participate in the Hemp Variety Trials co-funded by AgriFutures Australia, according to PHP. These trials aim to provide Australian hemp growers with independent information on the performance of new industrial hemp seed varieties suitable for specific geographic locations within Australia.

Biaobrzeskie ingenuity

Biaobrzeskie, the first Polish variety of monocotyledonous fibrous hemp, was historically cultivated for textile fibres; Stem cores are also used in a variety of barrier applications such as hemp concrete construction and animal beds; The blossoms of the variety have also been shown to be suitable for CBD and other extracts, mainly due to the cannabis profile that is stable at less than 0.2% THC.

IWNiRZ Polish cannabis program Marketing of industrial intellectual property rights developed in the Research Institute. The objective of the program is to ensure large-scale production of qualified and exclusive industrial hemp seeds from the institute’s own hemp varieties, such as Henola, Biaobrzeskie, Tygra and Rajan. These genes are sold in Poland and elsewhere in Europe and on other continents. Varieties are grown in 41 states of the USA, in Uruguay, South Africa and Australia.

The Polish Hemp Program promotes plant varieties, promotes knowledge transfer in the fields of engineering and agroprocessing in order to increase the popularity of the cannabis plant worldwide.

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