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Why you should replace a cotton face mask with hemp

Truly one of the most useful plants in the world, hemp was legally grown until the Industrial Revolution. It was then that covenants of political and corporate interests facilitated the ban on cannabis. the Versatile product which were used in industries ranging from food to textile have been made illegal.
Currently, as they realize and reap the innumerable benefits associated with cannabis, more and more countries are legalizing the cultivation of hemp. Hemp is now used as a primary manufacturing fiber for the production of face masks, which is intended to replace the widespread plastic and cotton disposable face masks on the market.
In an analytical comparison of two popular natural fibers, there were significant similarities and stark differences.

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Keep the cotton fabrics in moisture or for too long and the odor begins. Sometimes, this calls for another wash. However, due to its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial functions, this is not the case with hemp.
Since hemp fabric is naturally antimicrobial, it smells better for longer than cotton without any mold and mildew developing.
Hemp has properties that block UV rays
Even with your face covered, it is important to take preventive measures to protect yourself from UV rays.
One of the greatest advantages hemp fiber It is the ability to protect against harmful UV rays.
In research studies, hemp face masks are 99.9% effective at blocking UVA and UVB rays. Hemp fabric has a high percentage of UPF 50+.

Environmentally sustainable
1400 gallons of water is approximately the amount needed to produce one pound of cotton.
A comprehensive research study sheds light on the data that about 3% of the total water used for agricultural consumption is devoted to cotton. World cotton production from 1997 to 2001 required 227 gigaliters of water (i.e.) 227 million liters of water.
It is unfortunate to note that countries that are the main producers of cotton are losing their fresh water resources and are looking into the intricacies of desertification and habitat loss. On the other hand, hemp requires less than half as much water as cotton. Hemp plants grow faster and manufacture hemp fibers faster than cotton.

Hemp produces 200% more fiber than cotton grown on the same land. The use of pesticides is a prerequisite for treating unaffected cotton fibers, which may also pose a risk to the skin.
The possibility that pesticides were not removed enough before face masks were made means that your skin could absorb these chemicals. With face masks made with organic hemp, pesticides are no longer a cause for concern and your skin will thank you later.
Hemp face masks are a viable alternative for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities or allergies and are concerned about potential chemicals in cotton face masks. Hemp face masks are as light as cotton and an eco-friendly alternative to their cotton counterparts.

Long lasting and attractive hemp face masks
Have you ever accidentally ripped your clothes while leaving in a hurry or got stuck at the door? Chances are, you have. Most of us have experienced an occasional tear, here or there.
Sustainable Hemp Fiber is a strong natural fiber and abrasion resistant fabric.
Hemp fabrics are spun in a range of colors without the use of dyes. Hemp products can look white, brown, black, gray or green. The result, a more earthy and aesthetically pleasing face mask.
as hemp fiber Natural and biodegradable, it has a myriad of environmental advantages.

As the exploration of more viable and sustainable products culminates, there will be a consequent increase in demand for organic hemp products, including hemp face masks.
As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, sustainable face masks will be an essential daily survival product.

In an analytical comparison of two popular natural fibers, there were significant similarities and stark differences.

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