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Fang launches “Genetics Designer” cannabis brand with diamond fruit seeds

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DetroitAnd January 10 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Michael Fang, an innovative breeder known in the cannabis industry by the name of FANG, has introduced a new brand called Genetic Designer with a focus on boutique cannabis genetics. After a tragic feud with his partner, FANG and the Gage Green Group moved forward into the new year with eight versions of the seeds that were all sold out.

FANG and Genetic Designer will focus on releasing the literal genetics of cannabis. FANG’s recently announced Diamond Fruit project, featuring two strains inherited from Kush, has a retail price of 2000 dollars Each package of ten seeds from authorized dealers.

Diamond Fruit is the first release of FANG and Genetic Designer. Only twenty packets of hand-picked seeds were provided. From January 8The Diamond Fruit Edition is completely sold out at authorized merchants.

The upcoming edition of Genetic Designer, Tiger’s Eye, set to celebrate Chinese New Year, is limited to just thirteen packs. The company has focused on experts who appreciate the art behind cannabis – especially those who care about the process and demand the highest quality.

Michael Fang He is the breeder of several High Times Cannabis Cup winners. The genes produced by FANG can be seen in the work of many famous seed companies and grown in world-class boutique gardens across the industry.

“We don’t skip any steps. In fact, our process ensures genetic potency and quality,” stated FANG, founder of Genetic Designer and Green Gage Group. “Our team has the insight, attention to detail, and passion required to bring superior cannabis to market. Due to our hard work and dedication to our craft, our seeds are recognized internationally for delivering superior results.”

FANG will continue its prolific breeding style under its personal brand, using the same focus on boutique and craft that has made Gage Green Group a global phenomenon. In addition to his continued success in the cannabis industry, Fang delved into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Last year, FANG pioneered the first genetics-based NFT deal for cannabis that sold for less than 20000 USD.

FANG will operate the Genetic Designer team while managing the Gage Green Group at the same time. With two brands to manage, FANG will use his creative focus and knowledge of cannabis to explore the depths of cannabis design and innovation.

Learn more about Michael Fang, visit www.fangjieshen.com.

For more information about Gene Designer, visit www.geneticdesigner.io.
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SOURCE: Gage Green

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