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Marijuana is an early topic as the 2022 South Dakota legislative session kicks off today

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Pierre, SD (kilo) – There was 134 bill in advance advance This morning, as the South Dakota legislature prepares to open its 2022 session this afternoon, CT. Marijuana is the topic of the day.

So far, there are 31 pieces of marijuana leaves, including 25 of Marijuana study committee.

South Dakota voters approved medical cannabis 70-30% and Adult marijuana use 54-46% in the 2020 election, but the SD Supreme Court overturned adult use, known as Amendment A, because it covered more than one topic.

The legislature created a temporary commission to study marijuana last year. The board is divided into medical cannabis And adult use subcommittees. They produced 23 bills that would trigger reviews of medical cannabis laws in South Dakota and two bills on the adult use side.

Senator Mike RollR-Aberdeen is the main sponsor of the SB 3 that will legalization of marijuana People 21 years of age or older.

Senator Jim Stallzer, R-Sioux Falls, is the main sponsor of the SB 25 that will 15% tax on marijuana Which farmers within the state sell to dispensaries within the state.

Amendment A, before it was repealed, would have imposed a 15% tax. the Legislative Research Council appreciation That the tax would have generated more than $10 million in net revenue in the current budget year and that the amount could grow to more than $29 million in 2024.

Representative Ernie Oten  also proposed a 15% tax on all sales of marijuana and marijuana products. He served in the study but his bill is independent of the commission. HB 1045 will designate that Provincial governments share half of any marijuana tax revenue after the state general fund receives its first $10 million.

Actor Fred DeutschR-Florence, also served on the committee. He has introduced five bills, on his own, that would generally restrict or ban various activities in the current medical cannabis system.

Deutsche HB 1004 will Repeal part of the current law He says medical cannabis card holders can grow at least three marijuana plants.

The committee recommended in SB 24 that three plants of marijuana be taken into account be the maximum For medical cannabis card holders.

The deadline for submitting the bill is February 2 for lawmakers and February 3 for legislative committees. Last year there was 478 bills submitted: 283 in the House and 195 in the Senate.

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