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South Carolina lawmakers fight cannabis scent search law

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Catching a whiff of cannabis shouldn’t be enough for the likely cause, and South Carolina lawmakers want to make sure it’s no longer the case. This is the thinking behind a bill introduced by a South Carolina Democratic lawmaker.

State Assembly Representative Dion Tedder, “is pushing for a bill where the scent of marijuana alone does not provide law enforcement with reasonable suspicion or probable cause to support a stop, search, seizure, or arrest,” According to local TV station WSPA.

“Smell alone is not enough to be considered an illegal act because the accused may be around someone who was using illegal marijuana or using legal cannabis and both substances smelled,” Tedder said. According to the station,.

He continued, “It’s a fishing trip is what I call it.” “It only allows them to look for things, so I think this bill would take care of that and prevent some bad guys in the police force from going on a hunting trip because then they can look for anything.”

The station stated that the bill would “prevent any person or vehicle from being stopped or searched based on the scent of marijuana, cannabis or cannabis, whether or not it was burned”, and that it would not “prevent an officer from searching the vehicle. If someone appears under the influence.”

Tedder, a Charleston Democrat, was excited about the legislation proposal because he believes that “most of the people stopped and searched in South Carolina are African American males who were stopped because an officer smelled marijuana,” according to the station.

The bill could have a major ascendancy in the state’s general assembly, where Republicans maintain a large majority in every chamber.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, a Republican, has said he opposes legalizing the entertainment bowl.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” McMaster said last year. “This is not helpful.”

South Carolina Currently one of only 14 states This did not legalize medical cannabis, although McMaster said it would likely be subject to this policy.

“That’s a different story, and there may be some answers,” he said last summer. “I know there is a lot of suffering that helps with medical marijuana treatment.”

McMaster will be on the verge of re-election this year. One potential challenger, Democratic Congressman Joe Cunningham, has made it clear that he intends to run under legalization.

“This would be a game changer in South Carolina,” Cunningham said last year of the legalization of recreational and medical cannabis in the state. “There are many reasons why we need to do this, and now is the time.”

“The people are behind it, and the politicians need to support it too,” Cunningham added.

He may have a point.

A poll released last year by the Marijuana Policy Project showed that 72 percent of South Carolina voters supported “letting sick people in.” [the state] Those with serious medical conditions could use medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it,” while only 15 percent disagreed.

The lack of a medical cannabis law is not due to a lack of trying.

South Carolina lawmakers have taken a stab at medical cannabis bills in recent years. In late 2020, a Republican state senator is there The Compassionate Care Act of South Carolina introduced, that would legalize medical marijuana for the following eligible conditions: cancer; multiple sclerosis; neurological disease sickle cell anemia; glaucoma; Post-traumatic stress disorder. wading; Crohn’s disease; ulcerative colitis; cachexia; conditions that cause people to chronically stay home, have chronic nausea or persistent muscle spasms; A chronic medical condition requiring opioids and fatal illness in which the patient has a year or less to live.

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