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Lilac Diesel Cannabis Strain Information and Review

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Breeders in Colorado Ethos Genetics have done it again with their Lilac Diesel marijuana strain, reminding us why the marijuana community holds them so highly.

These master breeders created the Lilac Diesel weed strain by combining four high quality strains. Super Lemon Haze (Silver Lemon Haze, SLH) crossed with forbidden fruit, And cherry pie (NY Cherry Pie) crossed with Citral Glue.

Sativa / Indica internal return outdoor yield flowering period
50% / 50% 0.5 oz/ft 2 5 oz per vegetable 45 and 63 days

With a THC range of 20% to 28%, Lilac Diesel is stronger than most. This balanced 50/50 hybrid contains equal parts of the effects of indica and sativa. Although many suggest Sativa leansThere are no data available confirming that the proportion of Lilac Diesel sativa strain is above 50%.

Review: Lilac Diesel Dynasty

It is possible that these claims arose due to mental stimulation – a hallmark of a sativa. It could also be due to the large amounts of backcrossing.

Rear cross breeds may not appear in the same proportion as the original offspring, so keep that in mind as well.

Lilac Diesel has a terpene profile as complex as its ancestry, with conflicting data on which terpenes excel. the turbines The profile is said to include terbinolin, caryophyllene, pinene, sabinene, valencin, and ochemine.

No wonder the strain produces such a unique array of flavours.

It’s also no wonder Lilac Diesel has gained such a following – this one easily hits all the right notes, and excels at the tasteAnd fragrance, benefits and effects.

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Information about the Lilac Diesel breed

the origin Super Lemon Haze (Silver Lemon Haze, SLH) crossed with Forbidden Fruit, and Cherry Pie (NY Cherry Pie) crossed with Citral Glue.
Effects euphoric
to focus
perfume Chemicals, diesel, fresh land, fruits, spices, flowers
flavors Citrus, Fresh Pine, Sweet, Exotic Berries, Floral, Spicy, Gas
Adverse reactions Dizziness, dry eyes, dry mouth, hunger, thirst
flowers inside 45 and 63 days
% THC content 20%-28%
indica/sativa% 50% / 50%
internal production 0.5 oz/ft 2
productivity abroad 5 oz per vegetable

Effects of the Lilac Diesel Breed

Finally, the Lilac Diesel Breed Information You’ll Want – How Will You Feel? It only takes minutes for the effects to stabilize. You will feel a rush in the brain trance This makes you feel dizzy and dizzy.

It quickly flows to a high, though you’ll maintain clarity and mental stimulation, even as your body succumbs to the gentle tingling sensation that takes hold. You will become more social and easily spoken, or sleepy and content.

lilac diesel transports you and improves your mood; You can use it to increase CreativityFocus and mental stamina or fight feelings of depression and stress.

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It is also great to calm down and relax the body. Lilac Diesel soothes the muscles, relaxes the body and relieves headaches, inflammation and chronic pain. It also helps with nausea, Anorexiaand other digestive disorders.

You can enjoy Lilac Diesel at any time of the day. this is balanced hybrid He plays Sativa and Indica like a violin, pulling all the right strings to create your favorite rhythm.

Want to get up and bake? Keep doses to a minimum. Want a nightcap (or relief from insomnia)? Increase your intake. Once you find the dose that works for you, it’s a great versatile tool that you’ll want to keep on hand.

Lilac diesel perfume

Somehow, you can discover each parent’s bloodline in their Lilac Diesel perfume profile. This unique blend is filled with notes of chemicals, diesel, fresh earth, fruits, spicesAnd the flowers. You’ll smell berries, pine nuts, citruses and spices.

The formula ends with a soft bouquet lavender Blossoms associated with pungent diesel. Like its effects, it strikes a balance between heavy and light, being both tough and smooth at the same time.

Lilac diesel perfume
Lilac diesel perfume

Lilac diesel flavors

Don’t let the second part of the breed’s name fool you. Sure, notes have been made of chemical and diesel on the exhale, but that’s just part of the multi-faceted flavor palette.

A swirl of delicious citruses, fresh pine nuts, and sweet exotic berries, laced with florals, spices and gas, create a distinct yet unpretentious and smooth flavor. But with parents like Super Lemon HazeForbidden Fruit, Pie Cherry, and Citral Glue, would you expect anything less?

Purple diesel strain adverse reactions

Several Lilac Diesel strain reviews indicate that the Lilac Diesel herb strain is a good choice for those prone to it. suffer from anxietyBecause it is an unlikely side effect of this particular strain.

User reviews seem to indicate otherwise. When reporting adverse reactions that have occurred, many note a feeling of concern. True, not everyone will experience anxiety, but do not overlook it as a possible reaction.

Hybrid strains
Hybrid strains

Many of those who developed anxiety experienced panic attacks, too. Panic attacks can manifest mentally or physically and can be overwhelming.

Understand your tolerance and inclination to THC It can save you from this bad experience. You should also keep an eye on speed and dosage, whether you are a novice, intermediate or experienced user.

Other adverse reactions reported have included dizziness, dry eyes, dry mouth, and hunger and thirst. Dry eyes and catty mouth are almost inevitable with the strain of this potencyBut staying hydrated will relieve symptoms. You can use eye drops to lubricate the eyes and prevent them from becoming too itchy.

Hunger is another common reaction for most strains of cannabis. So much so that the side effect became known as ” Snacks. Take this opportunity to indulge in your favorite foods without feeling guilty. You can go back to healthy eating tomorrow.

Cannabis strain Lilac Diesel
Growing lilac diesel breed

Marijuana strain Lilac Diesel is a small bushy plant, so you should implement it topping Pruning to introduce lower and middle buds for air and light flow.

The spade-shaped cut ranges from mint to dark green, with subtle undertones of lilac and rich, burnt orange pistils. The trichomes are super sticky and laden with resin, covering the plant in a frigid, purple-tinged blanket.

If you succeed in buying seeds, commercial growers say it is possible I slept inside, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. Most growers suggest using an indoor setting because the yield is relatively low, even when grown outdoors.

The harvest time is about 50 days, and the level of cultivation skill will directly affect the quality of the crop. Those who have enough experience are more likely to achieve positive results.

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flowering They last between 45 and 63 days, which is a relatively short period compared to most breeds. This may explain why it is a low yielding breed. Ultra-resin 3D shapes make up this, so it’s worth growing if you get the chance.

Introduce the plant to the cold Temperatures During the final flowering stages to bring out shades of crimson, purple and pink.

internal return

Yields are about 0.5 ounces/foot.

outdoor yield

Yields are unlikely to be more than 5 ounces/plant.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Lilac Diesel Breed

Is lilac diesel indica or sativa?

Lilac Diesel has both indica and sativa traits, making it a hybrid strain. Most available data list it as a 50:50 balanced hybrid (equal parts indica and sativa). This ratio gives Lilac Diesel its invigorating and relaxing effect that will satisfy the needs of Indica and Sativa lovers alike.

What better way to enjoy Lilac Diesel?

I think it’s this way: Smoke for speed, eat for potency, and vape for flavor. So with a terpene profile as complex and delicious as Lilac Diesel, vaping is the way to go. It brings out the flavors in marijuana in a way that it can’t be smoked and eaten, so you can savor every savory note.

What strain can be grown as an alternative to diesel lilac?

Although Ethos Genetics has not released Lilac Diesel seeds for public purchase, they do have some alternative versions of the strain. These back hybrids – Lilac Diesel RBX2 and Lilac Diesel BX4 – are available as regular, feminine and spontaneously flowering seeds. It has a flowering period of 9 weeks and produces heavy yields.

What is backcrossing?

backcrossing like inbreeding. Reverse crossbreeding occurs when breeders cross a breed by cloning to derive certain traits. Breeding a breed with one of its parents is another form of reverse crossbreeding.

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