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Brand Highlight: Moon Made Farms

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“I have always been someone who is a minority among minorities, being marginalized and also drawn to marginalized subcultures. Rock and roll is where I found my family, and in weed I found another family.” Inspired by “the feminine expression of the most powerful plant on earth”, her words are Tina Gordon moon making farms Hemp has made a name for itself in Humboldt County, California. But it wasn’t always this way.

“I’ve lived in San Francisco most of my adult life, and during that time, I’ve been living a very secretive lifestyle with art and music and playing in bands, making records, touring in a van, that kind of thing, for about 20 years,” Gordon said. in a range of different punk and metal bands; I made a portable sound stage, that kind of thing. I was doing art shows, photography and video. I’ve really dedicated myself to getting a full, creative life, living lean, and living life to the fullest.”

However, after two decades of living this lifestyle, things started to turn. Having undergone a band breakup and a career transition, she has been searching for where to go next. Suddenly, Gordon finds herself spending more and more time on it Humboldt County Instead of the Bay Area, she first filmed a documentary, then dated someone in the area and realized she wanted to spend all her time there. She also fell in love with the cultivation of the cannabis plant, something she would not have experienced in her previous life.

“Moon Made Farms recognizes the femininity in this plant. The moon is a symbol of femininity. The moon has a regular schedule with little changes every night. So growing in the sun is not just about the sun; it’s about the moon and the night cycle as well.”

“I didn’t even have houseplants in San Francisco,” she admitted. “I was really urban. Then when I went through my first season at Humboldt, and saw this plant grow from seed to full expression, I was totally fascinated, and it transformed my consciousness into the natural world and how wonderful it was. The sensory experience of growing this plant changed my life.”

As she began to listen to the land and the plants she was growing, she began to realize how sacred the relationship between hemp and the plantation really was. Seeing how cannabis thrives when given rainwater, fresh air, full sun, and all the other natural elements that can be given by outdoor cultivation in the Emerald Triangle, Gordon knew she had a new obsession. Now, instead of composing music and art, she’s all working on growing the most wonderful and beautiful buds. But it did not leave the element of social justice behind.

Gordon began learning and working on regenerative farming techniques as they grew to develop more sustainable practices around cannabis production. As an advocate of outdoor growth, she’s always trying to learn more. As an advocate for social justice, she is always trying to attract gay people, women and other marginalized people to work on her farm.

Image source: Matthew Brightman

“I’ve always been a minority person, marginalized and also drawn to marginalized subcultures,” Gordon said. “Rock and roll is where I found my family, and in cannabis I found another family. And when something changes your life as much as it changes cannabis, there is a responsibility to push it forward, and a responsibility to do the active work and work of social justice and help educate people about the true value of this plant.”

Through education, you want to make sure the focus is on the natural and plant-based cannabis, which is a personal passion.

“Misconceptions about flowers that grow outdoors are based on industry standards,” she said.

“It started because of Prohibition, when all outdoor farmers were forced to come in, so indoor farming became the industry standard. Now that we are out of Prohibition, it feels like the factory should go back outside. Now, during that time, there have been some developments Amazing.A lot has gone in the way of genetics and techniques about this plant, but I would like to see this plant come back out, and to do extensive research on the properties and potential of what this plant has to offer.

Image source: Debra Keith

Now, Moon Made Farms is known in the market for producing quality, sunny, and sustainable cannabis that stands out from the rest, but that wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and spirit that Gordon puts into her business. She is also pleased that she has revisited her music days and selling goods to her farm, and she loves to study the cycle of plant growth. As for her, the moon is a celebration of femininity within the cannabis plant, darkness in the light.

“Moon Made Farms recognizes femininity in this plant, the moon is a symbol of femininity. The moon has a regular schedule with slight changes every night. So growing in the sun isn’t just about the sun; it goes around the moon and the night cycle too. This is a light-sensitive plant. It’s sensitive to light.This quality of light will affect the plant in every way, so one of the most important things about growing the plant outside is exposure to the night sky.Thus, Moon Made Farms acknowledges lunar cultivation techniques, an ancient way of growing all plants, as well as a feminine symbol that represented by the moon.”

Read this story originally published in High Times July 2021 Issue on our website Archives.

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