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How and why to take a cannabis tolerance break

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Do you remember how you felt orgasm for the first time? If you haven’t taken a break from your cannabis tolerance in a while, it may seem like a long time ago since you “first” experienced that feeling. Perhaps it was a full-bodied melt, and a misty head high, like curling up in one of those hot, weighted blankets. Even better, the famous laughs that come with this state of being stoned leave you in a state of constant fun until comedy leads you into a fierce case of munchies.

Well, that’s a reasonable, stereotypical description of ecstasy. However, taking a break from cannabis can increase your experience when you bring it on THC Back to your life. Long-term cannabis use can result in a law of diminishing returns, which means that the benefits of cannabis smoking will eventually reach a plateau and likely decline with chronic or excessive consumption.

The good news is that you can wipe the board clean and refresh your system before you reintroduce cannabis into your life. Here’s how.

What is a tolerance break?

The more a substance you consume, the more you need to experience the same results. This applies to most things, but mostly in relation to drugs, alcohol, and medicine. For example, if you have been smoking for a long time, you may be able to smoke an entire pot for yourself, or perhaps for an entire joint. When you first started trying weed, it could potentially land you on a sofa, or even cause a downward spiral of anxiety and paranoia.

The reason you smoke as much as you do now is because your body has built a tolerance to the weed. It’s used to daily intake and volume, and while it’s still experiencing some effects, it’s not as strong as it used to be. Taking a cannabis tolerance break simply means taking a weed break to reset your system.

Why take a cannabis tolerance break?

The biggest reason to take a cannabis tolerance break – or “t-break” – is to detoxify your body from THC and then experience the benefits from a clean slate. The effects are increased with smaller amounts of weed than before, which is not only beneficial for your overall experience but is also a good way to save a little money in your monthly budget. If you are wondering How to pass a drug testTaking a T break is the first thing you should do.

Can You Break Your Tolerance to Cannabis?

Cannabinoids like THC affect different parts of your brain, turning on our reward center as well as causing impairment in motor function or coordination. studies showed that long-term cannabis users experience less impairment as well as smaller elevations in the brain’s pleasure and reward system when compared to first-time or casual users.

This same study suggests that while long-term users had reduced responsiveness in their reward centers due to tolerance, participants who received the placebo experienced increased effects as their tolerance decreased over time. These findings prove that breaking your tolerance to cannabis can reset your body’s relationship to cannabis.

Timeline of breaking tolerance

How long you plan to take a T break depends on your specific goals. If you want to rid your system of THC completely, prepare for at least three weeks and up to a full month. Since THC lingers in your body because up to 30 daysFor a chronic user, detoxing can take that long. However, detox times also depend on a variety of factors. Age, weight, hydration, fitness level, and general health indicate how quickly the body can naturally eliminate toxins.

And most importantly, don’t set yourself up for failure. If 30 days isn’t possible, choose a schedule that you know you can achieve. Even one week can reset tolerance for many people, and sometimes just a few days can help balance the body’s ability to absorb THC. You know yourself better, and looking at how much weed you consume and whether or not you want to completely detox from THC will help you determine how long your break should be.

Tolerance breaking tips

Whatever your reason for taking a T-Break, there are additional steps you can take to help your body detoxify THC and achieve desired results.

Stop consumption

Taking a break to tolerate cannabis always requires this first step: to stop taking all cannabis products immediately. Your break begins as soon as you stop eating weed. This means smoking, vaping, ingesting, or even using topical THC products. It is also recommended to avoid CBD, as many full-spectrum products still contain trace amounts of THC. If you can, stash all the weeds and stoner tools In a box and fold it away until the T break ends.

We have a plan

Weeds can be difficult to weed, especially in the first few days. Planning ahead can help you fill in the time you usually spend high with other activities. For example, instead of walking while you’re jerking off, try jogging or choose a steeper path that you wouldn’t normally take while smoking. If you prefer smoking at home, try filling this time with a little extra house cleaning or a new meditation practice. A 20-minute nap is an excellent alternative to ripping up a bong!

Healthy lifestyle

THC detoxification depends on various factors that are unique to the individual. Increased exercise will help your body burn fat, as THC metabolites are stored until excreted through the urine. Staying hydrated will help those metabolites leave the body faster. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and keep eating them Foods to avoid while detoxing.

Use the detox kit

Sometimes detox program It helps revitalize your system and encourage a faster detoxification of THC and other harmful chemicals lingering in your body. It is best to use a detox program in conjunction with the above suggestions to support your goals of taking a break from your cannabis tolerance. If your intention to do a T-break is because of a drug test, you can consider a Same day detox drink If you find yourself on short notice.

Can I reduce weed tolerance without interruption?

If you are not ready to quit cannabis completely but would like to reduce your tolerance for cannabis, consider reducing your usual dose. If you take molasses regularly, switch to flower vaping for a lower effective dose. If you eat food items, reduce your daily dose. For flower smokers, aim for two-thirds of your normal daily intake. Switching to CBD products might also be a great option.

Small doses A great way to lower your tolerance while preserving some of the benefits of cannabis. You may find it easier than expected to reduce your cannabis intake, and after a week or two of reduced use, you’ll be ready to completely break your cannabis tolerance.

Least is more

If you have a long-term daily cannabis user, the thought of taking a break can be intimidating. Just know that you’ll reap the rewards after only a few weeks, and resetting your baseline will allow you to achieve that feeling for the first time again.

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