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Aaron Riley on Cannabis Investment News

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Due to a combination of increased legalization, increased consumer demand, and advances in medical technologies, there is an expectation of increased investment in the rapid growth of many marijuana-based companies, both in the United States and abroad.

Aaron Riley is a California cannabis entrepreneur and investor who is a regular contributor to several cannabis investment publications. We source Mr. Riley for his thoughts on some of the latest news regarding MMJ and related products in writing the following article.

If you are considering investing in the cannabis market, here is a list of some of the latest happenings in the industry to help uncover some of the most urgent opportunities.

The new year welcomes the legalization of marijuana in many US states

January 2022 marks the implementation of new marijuana laws in many US states, marking the next stage of cannabis legalization. Aaron Riley of California explains that acceptance and regulation are happening at different speeds in each state, from limited use in certain medical contexts to complete legalization for all adults.

Here are some examples of changes that occurred in January statewide:

  • California is introducing a law that will allow hospital patients to use marijuana for medical purposes.
  • Montana will legalize retail marijuana sales, with adults over 21 allowed up to one ounce of cannabis per purchase.
  • Colorado allows medical cannabis users to purchase up to 8 grams per day.
  • In Philadelphia, job applicants will not be required to take a drug test for marijuana as a condition of their employment.
  • In Arkansas, it is now possible for physicians to use telehealth services to recommend medical marijuana to patients.

As a result, Aaron Riley says, experts anticipate a wide range of retail and medical opportunities for the cannabis sector that companies will benefit from.

The UK is building the world’s first carbon-negative cannabis plant

According to pharmaceutical company Glass Pharms, the world’s first carbon-negative cannabis plant is to be built in the UK.

The plant, which was set up to produce high-quality medicinal cannabis, will be built on 2.5 hectares in southern England as part of a £22.5 million ($30.4 million) investment.

Aaron Riley explains that this development showcases the green credentials of the cannabis industry, as well as the rapid growth of the medical cannabis sector in the past year.

Currently, almost all types of medical cannabis are imported into the UK. Glass Pharms hopes to spark a wave of investment in domestic cannabis production in the UK, after being awarded the first commercial license to grow cannabis in the UK by the government.

under the current suggestionsThe plant will convert food waste into electricity to heat cannabis greenhouses as part of a set of measures that will help the site secure a carbon negative status.

Glass Pharms say they hope to begin providing customers with medical marijuana later in 2022.

Aaron Riley hemp

The Chicago Atlantic IPO shows the strength of the cannabis investment sector

The cannabis-focused investment firm Chicago Atlantic closed its initial public offering in mid-December after raising approximately $100 million in revenue from the sale of 6.2 million shares of common stock, highlighting the strength of the cannabis investment sector in 2022.

California’s Aaron Riley explains that the company, founded in 2018, offers mortgage loans to clients who have had trouble securing mainstream financing to set up cannabis plants in the United States.

The successful IPO was one of a number of notable IPOs in the cannabis sector in 2021, demonstrating the continued growth of the industry worldwide.

Other successful IPOs include the maker of cannabidiol-based capsules HempFusion, whose launch on the Toronto Stock Exchange in January resulted in a better-than-expected market valuation of $175 million, and Leafly, the cannabis giant that went public through SPAC in August. which was valued at $532 million.

Growth in the sector shows no signs of stopping, with a report by Grand View Research Which indicates that the marijuana market, valued at about $9 billion in 2020, is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 26.7% between now and 2028.

Malta became the first country in the European Union to legalize marijuana

Malta became the first country in the European Union to legalize the sale of marijuana for personal use, according to Aaron Riley.

A move by the Maltese Parliament in mid-December would allow anyone over the age of 18 to buy up to 7 grams of the drug, while it would also be legal to buy the property and grow it at home.

The announcement by the smallest member state of the European Union is the first in a number of planned liberalization laws governing marijuana use amid changing attitudes towards the drug across the continent.

Aaron Riley says that Germany has announced plans to create a legal market for cannabis use, while a referendum is being organized in Italy on the personal use of the substance.

Switzerland has also said it plans to create a legal market for the substance, while Luxembourg has already passed legislation to allow adults to grow up to four plants of marijuana at home.


Increased liberalization is creating a path for increased demand for cannabis around the world as we move into 2022, as many marijuana companies in the United States have indicated an interest in expanding operations on the continent. As a result, Aaron Riley of California believes that cannabis will be an excellent investment for entrepreneurs in the year ahead and beyond.

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