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The fix on Roku exposes the lies perpetrated by the War on Drugs

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Harsh sentences on drugs lead to record numbers of imprisonment, yet the data shows that the current system has no effect on addiction – nor on the reduction of available illicit drugs.

“There has to be a better way,” a new series on Roku’s Wonders.

Roku Channel Will Release The All New Roku Original predicamentOn Friday, January 21st, actor Samuel L. Jackson narrates the eight-part docuseries, which are based on The New York Times Best selling books Chasing Scream: The First and Last Day of the War on DrugsWritten by Johann Hari. The book has been translated into 15 languages ​​and is the second bestseller. Harry joined the project as executive producer.

If Harry’s name sounds familiar – it’s the famous TED Talk Everything you know about addiction is wrong“May the bell ring. Why – most people who give Strong opioids Outside of surgery do not turn into addicts? what really Addictive? Is the material really the problem or something else?

Harry, who graduated from Cambridge with flying colours, says that locking people up in prison does nothing to solve addiction at its roots, and the system also doesn’t work. The series was directed by Jeremiah Zagar, along with Nathan Caswell, Cassidy Gearhart, and Josh Banville, and was produced by Public Record, Jeff Hays Films and Story Syndicate. Harry has served, along with Jeff Hayes, Jeremiah Zagar, Jeremy Yaches, Dan Coogan, John Bardeen, Liz Garbus, and Geralene White-Dreyfus as executive producers.

“What if the script we know so well didn’t actually keep us safe?” Jackson suggests in the trailer.

“Almost everything we, as a society, think we know about drugs, is wrong.” predicament Director Jeremiah Zagar said in a statement. The United States has fought the war on drugs for decades, but the painful consequences of addiction continue to have a huge impact on our societies. Original Roku predicament He boldly tackles this topic by debunking common misconceptions about drugs and highlighting alternative approaches to addiction. The masses will turn away from predicament With a clearer understanding of how to confront this complex crisis.”

The series says the war on drugs has not made us safer. “The murder rate has really gone up” since the start of the war on drugs, one commenter said during the promotion.

We have learned that the War on Drugs has been a failure in solving the addiction problem for more than 10 years. “The arrest and imprisonment of tens of millions of such people in recent decades has filled prisons and destroyed lives and families without reducing the availability of illegal drugs or the power of criminal organizations,” world commission on drug policy 2011 Transfer Concludes. Most people know that US drug policy strongly influences global politics Through the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

The team at Roku hopes to become a part of the conversation as the United States slowly takes a look at drug reform — particularly at cannabis reform legislation.

Brian Tannenbaum is the Head of Alternative Asset at Roku. “We strive to deliver bold stories that entertain and educate our audience,” Tannenbaum said. “Rocco docuseries like predicament Do this by unveiling and teaching viewers something new about the most relevant cultural topics. Looking forward to introducing eye-opening stories predicament to the masses in January.

Some families who have family members who are drug addicts believe that sending them to prison will force them out of wellness. not nessacary. The Marshall Plan highlighted An overdose crisis in American prisons. That’s right – they still have access to drugs once inside. So, it begs the question – what exactly is the point of locking up drug addicts?

Also check out Harry’s book stolen focuswhich critics deemed “dangerous”.

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