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How “cannamoms” breaks the stigma around cannabis

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While searching and social stigma around cannabis Changing fast, the surprising force behind this transformation are women and mothers.

Social media is filled with “mother of wine” graffiti and memes about “wine hour” and the like, but the truth is that many trade wine for CVD chewing gum to calm down and have peace of mind at the end of the day. We talk a lot about progress, however, and we still mention coming home to get high after the kids go to bed, which makes it sound like judgment – why?

Mothers who consume cannabis are not bad mothers!

I’ll be honest – I’m an anxious, over-thinking person and a mother of two. have found Convention on Biological Diversity It helps me relax enough to go about my daily routine. With the undeniable medical benefits of cannabis in mind, we explore the perspective of four Ontario Mothers who love cannabis.

Eva from Etobicoke, Ontario:

“It’s hard to have time for yourself. When you’re in nursing work in a retirement home, volunteer work and mother duties. Smoking cannabis helps me take the edge off. I became more relaxed and anxious [is] decreased.”

“When I interact with my 6-year-old daughter, I find that I am more artistic and that playing with Barbies becomes more fun.”

Shannon from Innisville, Ontario:

I suffer from insomnia and anxiety which are getting worse since covid. I like to use cannabis in the evening to relax and sleep. It helps me shut down my mind. Troubled night is not good mentally or physically. I feel that if I don’t sleep, it’s hard to perform my maternity duties, and that’s not fair to my son. So cannabis helps me with my daily responsibilities.”

Christa from Barrie, Ontario:

I suffer from fibromyalgia and [took] Too many pain management medications over the years make me feel left out and too lazy to do anything. After switching to cannabis, chewing gum, vaping, and pills, I can clean the house, have dinner and interact with the kids, and I can sleep better at night. Cannabis has changed my life for the better.”

Louise from Toronto, Ontario:

“I used to smoke joints and use bongs, but soon after becoming a mother I switched to vaping indica strains. I found this was better because it gives me a milder state of mind, which works well as a marketing manager and single mother. When smoking From the knuckles and beats, I find that I have a lingering smell of weed stuck to me and feel very uncomfortable with my older children who love affection.”

“I mainly use cannabis as a mood enhancer. It helps me relax at night and absorb what’s going on in the day, which helps me feel calm. I’m not someone who uses cannabis a lot during the day, but sometimes when I do it helps me escape from my bad mood or My negative thinking. I become more focused and can happily do chores. It helps me be a more enjoyable person and mother. Spend more time with my girls and teach them life skills with patience.”

It’s like a broken record – we hear over and over again how cannabis helps moms get more sleep, feel relaxed, and manage their pain and anxiety. It’s time to stop the stigma of cannabis moms because canna moms are here to stay.

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