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6 TikTokers to watch while they are stoned

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Tiktok has become a global phenomenon over the past few years and there is no shortage of funny, creative and hilarious creators producing new videos every day. It’s easy to find your niche, and the algorithm is happy to help, but one subculture isn’t getting the love it deserves on another social media platform? cannabis;

Despite the strict guidelines of the Tiktok community, there are still Creative people find ways To provide great content for stone throwers. Below, discover six Tiktok fans must know to follow and watch while getting high.

1. Sativa Diva 1997

Kadija, known as Sativa Diva on the tiktok. Kadija has a long series (over 50 episodes!) called Baked Takes where they offer the kind of topic only someone who smokes this good shit can come up with. The videos always begin with the line, “Welcome to Baked Takes, the series where I, your host, and stay…” and the topic varies from there. Some examples from this series include –

  • Which squid characters can you beat in the go-kart race
  • What character does the Addams family trust to find food and shelter while stranded on a deserted island?
  • Which characters from the Goofy Movie want to be their partner in the confidence lapse exercise

Not only is their series hysterical and perfect content to watch after getting on the same level with a good joint, but it holds the title as one of the most consistent and longest-running stonertok series on the app. Kadija also offers a lot of other attractive content, so there will surely be no shortage of entertainment as one of their followers.

2. kyu faded

Kew Vad, who has styled himself a “vegan guy who loves to cook” and “CEO of telling you it’s time to smoke”, has a dedicated Tiktok for the world’s stone-throwers. Living up to his position as CEO, the bulk of its content is a reminder that it’s time to smoke. It’s kind of like the cannabis version of those, “Hey, you’ve scrolled too long!” The videos we’re all afraid to watch, except for this version, the friendly face suggests we take a break to wake up.

Recently, Que Faded mixed it up with funny cannabis content interspersed with shots of nature, good food, and 420 life hacks, like removing labels from the glassware we all stock. We like to see him mix it up; Keep it coming! He even has a TikTok featuring cannabis icon Tommy Chong.

3. CheechandChong

Speaking of Tommy Chong, did we mention that you can find him and his buddy Iconic Cheech on Tiktok too? That’s right, the duo got back together to create cannabis content in their golden years that gives us all the nostalgia.

With great editing, lip-syncing, and even some dancing cracks, it’s a pleasure to see Cheech and Chong dive into all things TikTok. They have videos that reflect over 50 years of friendship, Classic Shish and Chong Skits sitting in hot canisters, lip-sync videos of amazing moments, sitcoms with family, and more. Scrolling through TikTok is fun and familiar, like visiting an old friend and stoning together.

4. ShadesofSyd

Looking for a cannabis-centric account with good vibes? You have come to the right place. Syd’s page presents itself with wishes of “peace and blessings” and “acquaintance” with her, which is exactly what followers want. Its page has a lot of creative cannabis content, with funny comic representations Hemp like THC and CBD, dealing with a family that does not live the life of the stone, and hardly acclimatize when the dispensary is outside of your favorite breed.

It doesn’t stop there though. Syed also has videos encouraging and demonstrating participation in the #canna4climate, an environmental clean-up held in April, the following day. 420 The day before Earth Day. In her video, Syed says the #canna4climate is, “It’s all about showing the world that we petrify, we care about the environment, we care about what’s going on, we actually have big hearts.”

Syed also extends this big heart to her followers, with honest videos encouraging anyone struggling to keep going. There is a little bit of everything here for the cannabis community, and it all definitely feels satisfying.

5. Indoh goddess

Are you able to find your side of TikTok? Welcome to IndohGoddess TikTok. This creator creates a lot of funny cannabis content for all scenarios but includes a lot Parental content.

With skits about having to choose between a smoke break or being productive when the kids are napping, or how you’ll react to hearing the tell-tale signs of a mill when kids are in their teens one day, or dealing with parent stress with some good weed – funny IndohGoddess can Connect them, and make other templates appear visible.

On top of that, the rest of her content speaks to all the goers – like wanting to get high and go paint on the beach, or a cool and funny dance video that shows what it feels like when your attitude floats away after you’ve drawn.

6. BraincellBandit

You know how sometimes when you’re being stoned you don’t want to talk, all you want to do is laugh? Well, that’s the thing about BraincellBandit. He doesn’t speak in his videos, but instead makes excellent use of popular voices and captions or lip syncing to make us laugh, shake our heads and nod in agreement with his great sense of humor.

With such an extensive library of TikToks cannabis content, you’ll be amazed at how much they keep coming up with ideas. You can easily spend glowing hours and scroll on his page, every other one is so important, you can’t help but share it with your friends.

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