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Groene sponsors medical marijuana bill; Its opponents describe it as a “poisonous pill”

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“It will be the status quo,” she said. “I want a safe system, but there are practical realities that patients live with every day. Nobody wants a system that doesn’t work.”

Provisions of the bill may eventually fluctuate in the flop that testifies for and against the bill when it is brought before a committee later in this session.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana Nebraska, which has opposed recent efforts to pass medical cannabis legalization, said Groene’s bill introduced a “tightly regulated dispensary system” for individuals seeking cannabis.

“This is a well-intentioned effort and we are willing to consider this as an acceptable alternative to establishing a marijuana industry in Nebraska,” said John Cohn, co-chair of SAM Nebraska.

Cohen said the bill creates patient safety guarantees, oversees health care providers, and gives communities a say in how the dispensary affects them.

“We still think there’s no such thing as medical marijuana, there’s just marijuana, but we recognize the fact that there are very specific groups that marijuana can provide for some degree of dilution, and that sounds like a well-intentioned effort to allow patient access,” he added.

Shari Lawlor, a member of the Nebraska families of medical cannabis, which galvanized support for previous bills, said while the organization was grateful that Groene recognized the benefits of medical marijuana, calling the proposal “a medical cannabis bill without the cannabis.”

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