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Highlight of the brand: 710 LABS

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The production of very good concentrates is cheerfully promoted, and the involvement in the brands is the clear sign of making it into the cannabis industry. But behind this forward-facing charm is another important element to consider: company culture. For 710 Labs, exceptional products and the best sentiment go hand in hand.

“It’s important to us that we hire people who really want to be in 710 and know who we are and what we stand for,” said Brad Melchenker, CEO and founder of 710. “I think that’s been our philosophy from the beginning; we want people who want to learn, who want to grow with the company and who want to be there and not just score their salaries. It takes time to build that culture and find these people.”

Entering the company from humble beginnings, Melchenker was determined to do something with cannabis, even if it was a rough start.

Courtesy of 710 Labs

“I used marijuana at the age of 16 and never looked back,” he explains. “Twenty-three years later, I still love this plant more and more every day. I sold my first eighth of what we call a ‘Kind Bud’ when I was 16, so I could smoke for free. Fast forward to 2005 when I moved to Los Angeles to get into the The Fashion Industry And that’s when I started learning the ins and outs of Prop.215 and the business side of the industry.I thought if I could afford what I did for the last eight years while I was in college and then do it legally, it would be a dream come true.

“I acted as a go-between between some of the biggest farmers and the best dispensaries in the state, immersing myself in both worlds as much as I could. Once Obama took office and Eric Holder announced that he would leave it up to the states to organize it, I knew this was a sign of leaving the fashion industry and going all out.” I raised friends and family money in 2008 and set up my first grow home in Encino, Calif. This was a complete failure, as I had been using LED lights before LED technology was enough to grow cannabis indoors. But, like all mistakes that really represent the path to success, it led This failure to the next chapter of our move to Colorado, where you can be a for-profit LLc unlike California, where you had to hide behind a nonprofit compliance model at the time.”

With headquarters in both Colorado and California, it is important to Melchenker that every employee, no matter how recently hired, feels a personal connection to the brand and desires to grow with the company. In an industry that sometimes wins over people, that’s huge.

“I want to make sure I build a relationship with everyone in the company; that’s really important to me,” Melchenker said. “I want to get to know them; I want them to understand that this is, in a sense, a family. I think it’s important to grow in this way with the people you care about, the investors in the company, its success, and each other.”

710 laboratories
Courtesy of 710 Labs

With an early interest in cannabis paired with an entrepreneurial spirit, Melchenker knew he was destined to work with cannabis, but had aspirations beyond selling and short-term smoking. Once he realized that some countries would start legalizing the plant, he started growing and then extracting, the rest is history.

“Our commitment is to sell products that only 1 person can consume,” Melchenker said of the 710’s pride and care. “Quality above all is our ethos. Even over making money. I know every company says it, but we live it. The formula is first-class retail over self-interest. We throw batches in the trash if they don’t meet quality control standards, literally. There’s a lot more.” From creative brands and packaging, a lot of mediocre quality products, but I learned early in my career [that] Quality products always sell faster and generate loyalty. Our fans know they can count on us for consistency, too.”

710 laboratories
710 laboratories

Known for unique products like water hash and Noodle Doinks (aka hand-rolled joints), 710 Labs has stood out from the crowd in the concentrate industry and stands out from the crowd for the consistent quality of its offerings.

“Quality above all is our soul. Even over making money. I know every company says it, but we live it.” – Brad Melchenker

“This is the product I’m currently most proud of,” said Melchenker of 710 Labs. “There was no pre-market in either California or Colorado that I wanted to buy. I’m not the best in the world, although it’s my meditation. I wanted to develop the final joint with a high-quality flower inside. No small, no pruning. No vibration, no floors, powders, dry lumps.

“I wanted to develop something my overbearing brain would buy. We cut out the excess paper for the perfect bud-to-paper ratio. We added gluten-free pasta as a crutch/filter for airflow, stability and boom, and Noodle Doinks hit the market, and we can’t keep them on shelves. Tensecond Tom, who runs this department and helped set up the process as it is so arduous, is credited with making my vision a reality in terms of producing it on a large scale.”

In addition to the company’s focus on creating some of the best products out there, the 710 crew also cares about social equality. Specifically, with a location in Auckland, they are trying to ensure that the underprivileged community has access to the resources.

“We embrace social justice programs and we also understand and sympathize with the injustices that occurred because of the government’s previous war on drugs,” Melchenker said. “Specifically in Oakland, where our California facility is located, we have social equity partners on two of our cannabis licenses, and in addition, our company also supports the Anti-Regression Coalition, which helps find jobs, advances the community, and supports previously incarcerated individuals.” .

710 Labs has also worked with a transitional youth care program to help them gain real-world work experience. The company has interviewed and hired some people from this program who have become huge assets to the team. Unlike other brands that just talk, 710 Labs makes sure to go the way when it comes to actual inclusion.

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In terms of what’s coming next for the brand, Melshenker has a lot of exciting plans in the pipeline. “We have several announcements regarding new product lines, such as Rosin Pods, which drop in a few months, as well as Persy Doinks (three grams of flowers, one gram of rosin peel),” he said. “Also, we are adding new flavors to our genetic library from the extensive hunting we do for new varieties.”

Finally, consumers can anticipate future collaborations featuring leading content creators partnering with 710 Labs. “We will continue to release limited edition artist drops and collaborations, similar to the ones we’ve been running with Richard Prince, Camp High and Joe Roberts (LSD World Peace),” Melchenker said. “I am very excited about the upcoming collaboration with the Elder Statesman and our new line called itsPurpL with the recently launched Jaleel White. Finally, our green seed company, will come to market in 2022. We are definitely in an expansion mode on all fronts, including states and markets new.”

For more information visit 710labs.com.

Read this story originally published in High Times August 2021 issue on our website Archives.

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