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It’s time to move beyond the banality and focus on seeds and fiber

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Written by Richard Rose

For American hemp, it’s time to have real time, a time for action, not vulgarity. Only three legal years so far, harvested plots they fall, a third of the crops not suitableBankruptcies are frequent, farmers and healers quickly lose interest and money.

We need to make the hub from hemp to hemp for the other 24,999 uses.

If the USDA has 20 million dollars Just to properly collect data that seed sellers should collect instead, this project is a no brainer. Besides, no AOSCA Certificate mean anything anymore? If so, these varieties should be compatible and produced across the country with no further costly research required to validate them at the taxpayer’s expense.

Especially since this data is mostly for countries hostile to traditional field hemp, with male pollen making enemies downwind. California has always been the most runner-up, read about it here.

As in California, Washington hemp has been vandalized years ago by those allegedly on our side; Today it is so nonexistent that it is almost an oxymoron. Oregon is all about type 1 and 3, so no one wants hemp pollen seeding their buds. Idaho was the last state to legalize cannabis and previously wanted to ban it all cannabis, Montana already He has a duplicate entity this work.

That $20 million would have funded two seed and/or fiber processing plants, where the bottlenecks actually exist.

The seeds and fiber need to work together in the future, as the fiber is where the hemp seeds are, and the seeds are often where the fiber is. Some fiber applications require harvesting before flowering, so there are no seeds, but most fiber applications do not. These projects need to allow farmers to harvest and process in order to maximize returns. Hemp is not an express part of this project, although it is understood that trichomes (CBD and essential oils) can be harvested as a third processing stream resource.

Focus on grants

Therefore, the USDA should provide Grant to Which Project local entity:

  • Capable of registering enough plantations of more than 500,000 acres to process seed and fiber prior to launch
  • At least $50 million up to $750 million per project, amount decided by a team only for this purpose, up to 100%
  • For the production of branded feedstocks and/or CPGs
  • It must be able to produce and process both the stem and the seed, and process both except for normal losses, not hemp
  • It should be used as a food security project and a model for replication elsewhere
  • USDA should not restrict it to state but entities can create a font with the state flag
  • Foreign ownership is limited to a maximum of 5%
  • What kind of legal structure of the entity
  • The project must last a minimum of 15 years
  • Farmers should not be in asynchronous mode with the entity, preferably farmer-owned
  • All price forecasts must be fair to the farmer and account for transportation costs
  • Imposing approved varieties – just discourages innovation
  • Genetic transparency and ownership
  • genetic engineering like CRISPR Allowed, but not fermentation; It must be vegetarian cannabis, any subtype
  • Entities must have a proven track record of growing or processing, but not marijuana
  • Target should be 500,000 acres, then 10 million acres, then 100 million (equivalent to current corn and soybean production)

Make it easy to apply, with some snags. frame it asMarshall Plan for cannabis.” It is appropriate because it cures generations of the “regulatory bombardment” of the cannabis community by the federal government.

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