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Increase in cannabis consumption in the European Union and decrease in MDMA use in 2021

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A new survey examining the consumption habits of European Union (EU) participants revealed that cannabis use has increased, and ecstasy use has decreased significantly.

The European Monitoring Center on Drugs and Addiction (EMCDDA) recently found that cannabis and ecstasy experienced the strongest changes in consumption habits. the European web survey on drugs Online between March and April 2021 with the aim of shedding light on patterns of drug use for consideration in future regulation. Across 21 EU countries and nine non-EU countries, the survey recorded the responses of those 18 or older who had used drugs.

The results of the survey, published on January 20, recorded the drug use distribution of 48,469 participants. “Cannabis was the most commonly used drug, with 93 percent of survey respondents reporting that they had used it in the past 12 months with little difference between countries,” Scan results status. MDMA/MDMA (35 percent), cocaine (35 percent) and amphetamine (28 percent) were the second most reported illicit substances, with the order of the three drugs varying by country. About a third of respondents (32 percent) reported using more of cannabis (herbal) and 42 percent use less MDMA/MDMA.” The results also showed that a group of participants used LSD (20 percent), a new psychoactive substance (16 percent), ketamine (13 percent), and heroin (three percent).

Furthermore, the participants are from Western Balkan countries (consisting of a Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and KosovoAlso, the high consumption of cannabis, and its low use of other substances – especially MDMA. Most respondents (91 percent) reported using cannabis in the past 12 months, followed by cocaine (38 percent), ecstasy (22 percent) and amphetamines (20 percent). Again, about a third of respondents (32 percent) reported using cannabis using more (herbal) cannabis and 34 percent using less MDMA/ecstasy.”

In terms of where these substances were consumed, 85 percent of respondents in the European Union and 72 percent of the Western Balkans used these substances at home, rather than in public places. It also takes into account that the motivation for using cannabis in the home was due to many reasons. Participants wanted relaxation and euphoria in order to improve sleep, but MDMA or ecstasy was used to achieve “euphoria and socialization.” [sic] effects.”

The details of the study results indicate that the information shared by 50,000 people included in the survey is just a small part of the European Union, but it still provides a useful glimpse into the changing habits of the population. “Although web surveys are not representative of the general population, when conducted carefully and combined with traditional data collection methods, they can help paint a more detailed, realistic and timely picture of drug use and its markets in Europe. Over 100 organizations [sic] I have been involved in the initiative, including National Focal Points for Reitox, universities and NGOs.”

EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel shared a statement regarding the purpose of this survey, and the amount of participation required from organizations to sort and analyze the data. “Web surveys are a key component of our monitoring of the changing drug problem in Europe,” Goosdeel said. “They help us reach an important target audience through innovative online approaches. Today’s results reveal a wide range of drugs available across Europe and provide valuable information on emerging trends and changing usage patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic. 100 Fantastic Organizations [sic] This time around, join us in building, translating and publishing the questionnaire, ensuring that it is now an invaluable tool to help tailor our responses and shape future drug policies.”

Other studies in the United States have shed light on other cannabis-related topics, such as Targeting teens with ads on social media or an updated Gallup survey showing that a Most Americans support legalization.

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