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ACHEM Global Health Summit on Cannabis in Sport promotes health equity for athletes

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More than 200 athletes, coaches, medical professionals, and sports enthusiasts gathered together nearly every Saturday at ACHEM World Health Summit: Athletes and Societies To discuss the incorporation of cannabis into sports medicine. United by shared values ​​and a shared vision of health equality, attendees participated in the one-day virtual summit, which presented attendees with a full list of educational and educational cannabis programs sponsored by ACHEME and its coalition partners.

the American Cannabis Council (USCC) and Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) were the title sponsors for the event. Athletes and Societies also appeared Colombia care And Vicente Sederberg LLP as sponsors.

Athletes and cannabis

Athletes are prohibited from taking cannabis for a myriad of reasons – health risks, purported performance-enhancing capabilities, and the belief that taking cannabis violates the “spirit of sport”. Despite this, the plant is increasingly embraced by many for its health and wellness potential. However, these athletes are frustrated by the outdated, punitive and unscientific regulations imposed by sports organizations. ACHEM created file Athletes and Societies An edition of its global health summit To capture those sentiments and provide attendees with the resources they need to advocate for long-overdue changes to sports governing bodies.

Athletes and Societies It was the second event in the Association for Cannabis Health and Medicine (ACHEM) Global Health Summit Series and covered many topics related to cannabis and sports medicine. Following a keynote address from Dr. Rachel Knox, Chair of the Board of Directors of ACHEM, attendees participated in sessions such as Cannabinoid Sports Medicine, Health Equity in Sports, and Sports Policy Reform. The event also featured a wide range of partners, speakers and facilitators including former NFL midfielder and CBD entrepreneur Lofa Tatubo; MPP President and CEO Toi Hutchinson; Dr.. Bonnie Goldstein, pediatrician and founder of Canna-Centers Wellness & Education; The world of canabine d. Sunil Aggarwal; retired NFL player and leading advocate for cannabis and businessman Marvin Washington; MMA fighter Elias Theodoro; ACHEM Speakers Guild. Doctors to regulate cannabis. American Cannabis Nurses Association; Cannabis Nurses Network, and more. The calendar of events for the day is punctuated by networking opportunities with the speakers at the Summit, the sponsoring organizations in the Expo sessions, and the networking. Attendees are also invited to take some time to relax and enjoy a yoga session with SannaOhana Yoga & Wellness.

“The Summit was a powerful example of ACHEM’s mission to serve communities and improve access to health and well-being while working,” says Toi Hutchinson, MPP President and CEO. “At MPP, we work to advance inclusive legalization, policies and practices across the cannabis industry. Events such as the ACHEM Global Health Summit help us achieve our goal. I believe this event will have a long-term impact on athletics and will advance conversations and work toward the normalization of cannabis for health equity in sport. “.

During the summit, participants heard first-hand from these athletes and medical professionals and learned about the hardships faced by athletes who embrace cannabis. Elias Theodoro shared the story of his grueling 5 year journey to obtain an exemption for the medical use of cannabis as a mixed martial arts fighter. His struggle shocked and inspired the audience to push for the inclusion of cannabis in sports medicine. Professional rugby player Anna Symonds discusses her use of cannabis for health purposes and details the difficulties of drug testing in an emerging sport in the United States. Marvin Washington presented his history as an NFL player and explained that many current players support cannabis use but do not do so publicly for fear of repercussions. They have also sparked discussions about the future of sports medicine and how cannabis can dramatically improve the health and lives of athletes.

ACHEM strives to build awareness and competence in the medical and clinical applications of cannabis science. the world health summit A chain that creates a space for people from different industries and backgrounds to learn about cannabis in a supportive environment, stay at the forefront of innovation in cannabis, and join forces to advocate for change in healthcare and medicine. Athletes and Societies I took this mission a step further by focusing on the effects of cannabis in sports medicine for athletes, coaches, coaches, and the associations that support them. ACHEM plans to host a series of Community Watch Parties featuring summit committees to promote health equity in sport.

Association for Cannabis Health and Medicine (ACHEM)

ACHEM, the industry-leading alliance of BIPOC cannabis pioneer and thought leaders, provides a reliable and powerful resource for cannabis knowledge by redefining health equity and integrating it with evidence-based scientific research, sharp critical thinking skills, continuous interaction with innovation and new scientific information, and an ethical loyalty to impart our knowledge to the The next generation of all health professionals.

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