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Can CBD Cure COVID? 5 Crucial Questions Answered

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll find this an annoying question.

Why not ask – can sawdust infused with vodka cure COVID?

Can squirrel guts cure COVID?

Does prayer cure corona disease?

What is the basis for this question? What lit this torch? You’ll find the answers in the next five minutes.

A team of researchers from the University of Chicago wondered how CBD would affect SARS-CoV-2 in a lab dish.

They checked and found that:

1. CBD prevents SARS-CoV-2 from infecting cells.

2. CBD did not prevent the virus from entering human epithelial cells.

3. However, CBD has limited the pathogen’s ability to make copies of itself.

4. CBD prevented SARS-CoV-2 replication in mice.

5. Out of 1,212 patients who received prescription CBD (100mg/ml) for severe epilepsy

seizures, the incidence of COVID was 6.2%.

6. In the comparison group (of people who did not consume CBD), the incidence was 8.9%.

7. This difference is significant.

The results have been published in science progress On January 20, 2022.

Can I simplify chemistry for you? I’m afraid I can’t; I barely understood 20% of the science myself.

What I can do is answer these questions:

  • What is the scientific significance of this laboratory observation?
  • Have any other studies yielded similar observations?
  • CBD reduced the infectious nature of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. CBD is beneficial for your health. Next, should you consume CBD as a preventative self-treatment for COVID?
  • Should you trust a CBD product that claims to prevent or treat COVID?
  • Can CBD boost your immunity and strengthen your body to fight infection?

Remember the hoopla about hydroxychloroquine? World leaders twisted arms To get adequate doses, and anticipate its acceptance as a reliable treatment for coronavirus. It’s the same story now.

The study in question was conducted in a laboratory setting. This is the thumbnail view. For a national medical body to endorse CBD as a treatment for COVID, these results must be verified in clinical trials. This is a bulletin board display.

Who will fund this research?

Who will finance the trials?

Half of the world’s population has already been fully immunized; Do we even need this research?

This is me, quite frankly. The cannabis lawyer hopes the reality will be different.

A US hemp company might shake hands with a research consortium and fund this research.

Perhaps clinical trials will prove the effectiveness of CBD in reducing infection caused by SARS-CoV-2.

Perhaps the world’s governments will legalize CBD, even if it is a quick response. Probably…

Researchers at the Rabin Medical Center in Israel are trying to test the effects of CBD on critically ill patients.

Researchers at Sheba Medical Center in Israel are testing CBD in patients with mild COVID. The results are pending.

Researchers in Brazil, in October 2021, tested CBD on COVID patients but did not notice any clear positive effects.

Researchers at Oregon State University and Oregon Health & Science University found that Two types of cannabinoids found in hemp – CBGA and CBDA – can bind to the SARS-CoV-2 protein. in laboratory dishes. This reduces infection.

The results of all of these studies are either unclear, illogical, or need clinical proof.

All we can say is that with sufficient funding, we’d like to explore more, hoping to answer whether CBD can prevent and treat COVID.

Marsha Rosner is the lead author of the main study I described earlier. I reproduce her words because she answered our question unequivocally.

“The last thing we would like to see is someone saying, ‘I’m going to go out and take CBD,’ and say, ‘I won’t get vaccinated, I won’t get a boost, I’m going to take off my mask. “

The short answer: No, you cannot take CBD as a preventative self-treatment against COVID.

Should you trust a CBD product that claims to prevent or treat COVID?

Before that, some facts:

  • In all countries, including the USA, laws regarding the use of CBD are evolving, and they are very complex.
  • Pharmaceutical companies cannot claim that a product is effective in preventing or treating COVID-19, without FDA approval, in the USA.
  • Central health authorities of countries prevent private companies from making similar vague or false claims.

This does not mean that you will not encounter a product claiming to be a COVID cure based on a CBD formula. Pharmaceutical companies are notorious for legal restrictions and sold millions of drugs before the Food and Drug Administration could enforce the restrictions.

Cannabis industry commentators have expressed concerns that major pharmaceuticals may benefit from such research studies to push ineffective CBD-based COVID-19 treatments onto the market. The Food and Drug Administration has already issued 13 Corporate Warning Letters, asking them to stop selling their CBD products as COVID treatments.

I can guarantee you: it is.

And I can shovel research studies on you to prove it. Of course you wouldn’t. Some cool facts, here. In clinical trial after clinical trial, researchers note that CBD:

Increases cells that kill viruses

CBD has been shown to be an effective supporter of the human body’s natural killer (NK) cells, natural killer T cells. For you, that means a stronger immune system.

Promotes healthy body response to inflammation

CBD improves lung function in animals and humans. For you, this means healthier lungs and a healthier general respiratory system.

Maintains healthy gut microbiota

CBD enhances your body’s intestinal inflammatory response. A healthy gut is beneficial in boosting overall immunity.

I didn’t even scratch the surface. Truly, CBD is a goddess for your immunity.

Am I suggesting that CBD will prevent COVID-19? number.

Am I Suggesting CBD Will Boost Your Immunity? Yes.

It might be worth separating COVID-19 and CBD, although this post is meant to be my thoughtful opinion on the latest hype.

She hasn’t stopped praying, meditating, chanting mantras, or hoping for the best, just because these don’t work on the coronavirus.

Therefore, you won’t want to leave the scientifically proven health potential of CBD untapped.

Enhance your understanding of CBD.

Don’t fall in love with the slickly marketed COVID treatment products.

Stay safe. Stay curious.

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