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Top 10 Predictions for Industrial Cannabis in 2022

Industrial hemp market experts are looking forward to 2022 with optimism. However, many also point to more difficulties and uncertainty in the market. Here are the top 10 predictions.

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2022 has come with hope in many markets. Especially those suffering from pandemic depression.

And industrial hemp (or just hemp) is one industry that is expected to see new sun in 2022. However, this optimism is unparalleled. Legal, social, political and economic issues may, at the very least, lead to a halt cannabis market I ran upwards if not completely undoing the progress that was previously made.

But before we get started, let me clarify what I mean when I use the words cannabis and industrial hemp.

Hemp is a special class of cannabis sativa grown for industrial or medicinal use. It contains a low percentage of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and a higher percentage of CBD (Cannabidiol).

Cannabis is the non-psychoactive alternative to cannabis that is used for recreational purposes.

the Wikipedia page for cannabis It will help you understand the subtle differences between hemp and its close cousin CBD.

Now the natural question on your mind should be – who am I to predict the path the cannabis market will take in 2022?

To be honest, given the fickle world we live in, it’s not unusual for even data-backed predictions to fall back. That is why I dare not say that I give Cannabis market forecast for 2022. These are just predictions backed by experience and insight.

As an industry insider, I get front row seats for the great drama unfolding in the cannabis scene. I am more than just a spectator. As the founder of the Hemp Foundation, I’m a player too, to say the least.

So that’s what I think and I think 2022 holds for a future cannabis industry
10 Predictions for Industrial Cannabis in 2022

Hemp clothing will become part of popular culture

Hemp is one of the oldest known fabrics. It was first used 10,000 years ago by sailors and as an industrial cloth. At the time, it was her strength that made her valuable. Today, we also know that it is sustainable and can be made to look elegant and elegant through proper processing.

Lots of small hemp-based clothing lines have emerged. Biggies like Armani, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren also own cannabis collections. Emma Watson also has an organic hemp clothing line called Pure Thread.

Stars like Livia Firth and Woody Harrelson also wore hemp outfits on red carpets.

2022 could be the year when a file Hemp textile industry Finally leaves the runway. It becomes part of popular culture. There are many brand options to choose from and also copy the look of celebrities.
Cannabis product supply chains will improve

Until now, it has been difficult to transport cannabis products – raw and finished. Legal restrictions and people’s unwillingness to get their hands on cannabis was the main reason why distribution channels for cannabis-based products were not developed.

With both governments and people ready to warm up to cannabis, brick-and-mortar stores may appear. Door-to-door delivery may become the norm as well.

Such drastic improvements in the supply chain will not come alone. They will bring better visibility off the shelf and, therefore, higher adoption rates for cannabis. This in turn will also cause the prices of raw materials to rise by the forces of market demand.
ROI may falter for a short period due to quality assurance and safety regulations

Even at the risk of being pessimistic, I would say the ROI for most players in the cannabis industry is set to falter in 2022.


Hemp has always been a crop that people and authorities have left on their own. Aside from THC levels, there wasn’t much that governments were concerned about.

That will change in 2022. With this change, there will also be a significant increase in quality and safety regulations related to eating hemp, medicine and even other industrial goods like cloth and paper.

Organizations that were hitherto self-regulatory will become accountable to the authorities. This will increase the costs of quality assurance and safety compliance for them. Thus, demolishing the return on investment.

There is also a silver lining to some though. Companies that have been constantly investing in research and development will see their efforts pay off.

The wave of cannabis legalization will appear around the world

Several countries (US, UK, France, Australia, Canada, India and Ukraine) have legalized the use of cannabis. To some extent. However, there are rampant regulations about what cannabis can be used for and what remains.

likely to change. Countries are back on their feet after their struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic. They may view hemp as a viable cash crop to stabilize the economy.

Now I can’t guarantee a wave of rationing across the border, which I’m sure I hope will happen.
Pet health products will go green with hemp

Cannabis is widely known as a relaxing agent when taken orally. And the effect is not just for humans but for our furry friends as well.

For pets experiencing any kind of pain or anxiety, hemp can be a great solution. In addition, it is also beneficial for the skin and fur of your pet.

And many pet parents and pet supply companies are aware of this. Consequently, many companies are entering the hemp pet product market.

Canna-Pet and Hemp Pet are a few of the early movers in the field. I expect many more will follow suit in 2022.
Hemp will become the farmer’s favorite

Here’s a simple economic law: When demand goes up, prices go up, and sellers make profits.

In the economics of cannabis, the same will be true in 2022. There have been a lot of conversations going on about cannabis lately. People listen and adapt.

For cannabis growers, this will be the year in which crop prices will rise as demand increases. But that’s just one aspect of the reasons why hemp has become a favorite among growers.

Other than the economic benefits, farmers also realize that hemp is beneficial to their farms. Hemp grows quickly. (And it will sell faster.) Hemp maintains soil fertility and requires no industrial chemicals to grow. Plus, it requires less water and prepares the soil for the next crop.

With hemp doing so much for them, farmers are unlikely to love hemp.
Hemp biodiesel may steal the spotlight from electric cars

Tesla, Mahindra, Tata, Hyundai and many other major auto brands create electric cars.

But its luster may fade if hemp biodiesel becomes mainstream.

hemp seedsThe leaves and other above-ground parts of the cannabis plant have the potential to be used as biofuels. We also have enough research and data to show how effective and environmentally conscious they are.

What we lack is the infrastructure to make the plans come alive. The growing pressure to deplete fuel availability and the lukewarm response to electric vehicles thus far may push larger stakeholders and governments to make the infrastructure available.
The farm-to-table trend will take off in the hemp industry

As mentioned earlier, the cannabis supply chain and legalization are expected to see a brighter day. But I don’t see all of that happening at the global level.

This means that countries will produce and consume cannabis nationally and will not be open to international trade in cannabis. Likewise, supply chains are unlikely to make the movement of cannabis products across borders possible.

This, and a general shift toward locally grown, eco-friendly products will make fresh cannabis a popular buzzword.
Multiple hemp building materials will make commercial appearance

Hempcrete (Hemp concrete) is a popular hemp product now increasingly used in construction. It has environmental benefits, of course, because the main ingredient that goes into it is hemp. In addition, it is an excellent heat insulator, resistant to mold, mildew, mildew, pests and fire. This also makes it economically viable.

But in 2022, hemp concrete will not only be discussed for its advantages. It will also be used commercially. Today, the use of hemp concrete in construction is expensive and labor intensive.

With legalization, the entry of more players into the market, and continuous technological improvements, these two shortages of hemp concrete will vanish.

Financing will become easier in the cannabis market

Most cannabis growers are poor, fragmented, and lack technology support. The main reason? Lack of financial infrastructure.

A farmer who grows hemp but does not have the ability to process it is left with no choice but to sell the raw materials at nominal prices.

With increased access to finance for cannabis growers and processors (mainly as a by-product of legalization), this situation will change.

Historically, the influx of money into any market leads to prosperity. In the case of hemp, 2022 could be the year it starts.

Signing with hope for the future of cannabis

Making predictions is always difficult business. Often times, disruptive forces will barely allow you to look at what I said a year ago and go “Look, I told you!”

And while I see (more appropriate: I wish) these predictions slither through, they are based on thin ice. Whether or not COVID has made a strong comeback in our lives is one of the most important factors that can halt any positive movement in the cannabis world. Also, global political decisions can rarely be relied upon without official signatures.

So, with hope in my heart, I would now like to sign. Let’s see how correct (or not) my predictions are.



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