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Launching a crowdfunding campaign to contribute to legal cannabis drinks with Wefunder

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Loveland, Colo.And February 17 2022 /PRNewswire/- Diesel drinks, in partnership with Wefunder, announced the launch of the first officially registered crowdfunding campaign. Diesel’s beverage line of sparkling diesel water and diesel coffee is flavored only with a breed-specific terpene hemp, making it the first true terpene-derived cannabis-derived beverage on the market (cannabis-derived less than 0.3% THC). The Wefunder campaign started on February 1. The investment is open to the public and is acceptable in: https://wefunder.com/diesel.water

Mark BraniganCo-founder and CEO, says: “All THC cannabis drinks are prohibited from being sold across state lines. Sales of CBD drinks are also hampered by their inability to distribute them in every state due to numerous state regulations. Neither THC nor CBD, like us, can be sold in every state Because it complies with all regulations.”

Branigan also points to the positive effects of terpenes on physical and mental health. “Based on recently published studies, terpenes have their own medicinal properties and directly contribute to the entourage effect. Indeed, terpenes are the most valuable part of the cannabis plant and are responsible for the taste, aroma and effect of the plant.”

Diesel is raising capital to start distribution in ColoradoAnd FloridaAnd Illinois. The proceeds will be used to complete additional productions for the first four flavors: Lemon Abacus, Cherry Abacus, Abacus Diesel, and Pinot G. Branigan says, “We raise money through a crowdfunding campaign because we want as many people as possible to be a part of our revolutionary cannabis drinks.” “.

Natalie MundenCo-Founder and COO, added: “We offer a rare opportunity to participate in this unique line of production. Our beverages will propel cannabis into an accessible public space. Everyone will have access to and will be able to enjoy the proven benefits of cannabis terpene.” No red bar No negative connotations Diesel is a way to enjoy the strain’s specific cannabis without the high This is not another CBD drink, nor is it another artificially flavored drink This is a revolutionary, practical drink that contains no artificial flavors, and we can’t To be even more excited to share this opportunity with the world.”

Diesel Beverages launches its crowdfunding campaign as cannabis industry trends show unprecedented growth potential. The company’s main flavors, Abacus Diesel, Cherry Abacus, and Lemon Abacus, already have brand recognition through the popularity of diesel hemp strains.

For important information about equity crowdfunding terms, opportunities, and risks, please go to: https://wefunder.com/diesel.water

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