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Wyoming legislators introduce bill to decriminalize cannabis

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Bill House 0106 It was submitted to the Wyoming legislature to decriminalize small quantities of cannabis and reduce possession fines, if passed.

HB-0106 was introduced by Representative Mark Baker on February 15, along with 11 co-sponsors, including House Speaker Eric Barlow and House Majority Webb Jared Olsen.

According to the text of the current law, if passed, cannabis in solid form, such as foodstuffs, ointments and tinctures, would be subject to new acquisition restrictions. Liquid-form cannabis products will be limited to 72 ounces, and concentrated cannabis will be set to a maximum of 30 grams. The bill would also “create a civil penalty for possession of specified quantities of marijuana, eliminate criminal penalties for possession of specified quantities of marijuana, eliminate marijuana use and possession of marijuana paraphernalia as crimes; repeal bans on practitioners who prescribe marijuana; amend definitions; make conforming amendments; revoke a provision; and provide for Effective date,” the bill states.

In the 2021 legislative session, two bills failed to pass. One was approved by the Judiciary Committee, led by Olsen in the role of president. “With my opening remarks, I’d like to pose this question to the committee, which is simply: Is Wyoming ready to legalize marijuana?” Olsen said. “That’s the question before this committee, and that’s a topic that the legislature hasn’t heard in over four years now, so I think this represents an important moment in Wyoming, as we’re now discussing a topic that we’ve all avoided for many years.” Unfortunately, the bill Discontinued in March 2021.

Besides legislative efforts to decriminalize cannabis in Wyoming, signatures are currently being collected by advocates for two suffrage initiatives to legalize; One aims to decriminalize cannabis, and the other seeks to legalize medical cannabis. Both initiatives are run by NORML Wyoming and the National Liberal Party, which is actively collecting signatures and holding NORML Wyoming Lobby Day 2022 On February 24. The organization did not collect enough signatures to qualify for Ballot deadline for 2022but since then they have set their sights 2024 as a new target.

In response to a Facebook comment regarding the 2024 delay, NORML Wyoming has shared promising information about this effort. “We do not yet have the required signatures. We should conclude the collections by the end of the summer,” the organization wrote. “We already have more than we got after a full 18 months last time! We are introducing both initiatives as bills during staggered legislative sessions, so we may see faster action.” NORML Wyoming’s decriminalization approach would pay first and second offenders a $50 fee, and other offenses would result in a $75 fine. the Medical cannabis legalization initiativecurrently referred to as the Wyoming Medical Marijuana Initiative (2024), will allow patients with a A variety of medical conditionssuch as “multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, AIDS, cancer, seizures, Alzheimer’s/dementia, PTSD, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, nausea/wasting, muscle spasms, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more,” Grow their own hemp at home.

The NLP’s chief strategist, Apollo Basil, emphasized that it would be ideal for lawmakers to take responsibility for crafting reliable cannabis bills. “We prefer a legislative process,” he told Casper Star Tribune. However, he also noted the challenge that opposition fundamentalist lawmakers face. “Fundamentalist candidates have consistently taken a stand against cannabis,” Bazille said. “[There are] There are more fundamentalist legislators out there now than there used to be.”

according to National Conference of State Legislatures, just over half of the states in the United States have decriminalized small amounts of cannabis. Wyoming residents support cannabis. In a survey from 2020, conducted by University of Wyomingan estimated 54 percent of the population “supports allowing adults in Wyoming to legally possess marijuana for personal use. This continues the steady increase in support observed from 2014, 2016 and 2018, when support rose from 37 percent to 41 percent to 49 percent , respectively “.

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