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Hemp products and their appeal to children

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Tucson, Ariz. (KGUN) – Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center And the Banner Poison Control Center It recently reported a 90% increase in children’s calls related to cannabis.

This comes after the first full year of legalization of cannabis in Arizona.

according to suggestion 20Laws were made with the aim of limiting the attractiveness of children.

A marijuana establishment may not:

  1. The packaging or label of marijuana or marijuana products is false or misleading
  2. Manufacture or sale of marijuana products that resemble a human, animal, insect, fruit, toy, or cartoon
  3. Selling or advertising marijuana or marijuana products with names that are similar to or mimicking food or beverage brands that are marketed to children, or otherwise advertising marijuana or marijuana products to children

The Smart and Safe Code also handles child-resistant packaging as necessary. Therefore, in theory, the legislation should be sufficient to prevent young children from overdosing.

Child-resistant is meant or designed to be too difficult for children under five years of age, and not too difficult for the average adult to use appropriately.

However, Dr. Stephen Dudley Pharm, director of clinical toxicology at the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center, notes that the majority of incidental consumption has included candy-like foods and typical snacks.

Share: “Many of the accidental ingestion we hear about involves young children getting into edible marijuana products that look like candy or other snacks.” “Learning about safe storage can save parents a lot of grief and prevent a trip to the hospital.”

When compared to other states, Arizona’s safety regulations are pretty much on par, such as California Comprehensive Labeling Requirements.

Passing Proposition 20 also limited the amount of milligrams of THC that an edible package could contain, which may contain 100 mg and 10 mg, respectively. these mirrors Other country restrictions like that.

Thus, the question remains: Do we need stricter packaging regulations for cannabis products?

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