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USDA Values ​​Hemp Pegs Harvested in 2021: $824 Million

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The total value of cannabis harvested in the United States last year was $824 million, led by flower production, which brought in nearly $735 million from combined outdoor and indoor cultivation, according to numbers that producers reported to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the first time. time.

Dwarf income from flowers income from fiber and grain, with those output values ​​reported at $41.4 million and $5.99 million, respectively, according to the inaugural USDA National Hemp Report released yesterday.

US farmers harvested 33,500 acres of hemp after planting a total of 54,000 in the spring of 2021, the USDA said. Montana topped all states with a harvest of 4,500 acres, followed by 3,100 acres in Colorado. Nearly 70% of the hemp fields planted in Colorado were not harvested last year, according to figures in the report.

Inquire 20,000 Producers

The USDA reports that the USDA survey, sent last October to more than 20,000 cannabis producers across the country, returned about 65%.

Hubert Hammer, an official with the US Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), said in a new release.

“Not only will this data guide USDA agencies in their support for domestic hemp production; the results can also help inform producers’ decisions about growing, harvesting, and selling hemp as well as the type of hemp they decide to produce. Survey results may also influence policy decisions,” Hammer said. related to the cannabis industry.

It’s hard to compare

Although there is no consistent analog data for comparison, it is clear that cannabis production has fallen sharply after peaking during the 2017-2019 boom days in the CBD sector.

Previous estimates for 2021 by the hemp tracker Hemp Benchmarks indicate that 110,000 acres were licensed both outdoors and indoors (3,800 acres) in 2021, a sharp decline from the previous two years when the licensed data provider estimated the acreage at 580,000 acres.

But as the USDA figures indicate, the acres of licensed and cultivated hemp do not reflect the total area harvested. If the USDA numbers, which included reports from nearly all 50 states, are accurate, this means that half of the licensed area of ​​cannabis calculated by Hemp Benchmarks has already been planted, and only 30% of those under cultivation have been harvested.

The data in the National Hemp Report was collected by NASS under the authority of the Domestic Hemp Production Program, managed by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service. The research, which will be ongoing, has been formed by a number of federal agencies.

Another study to come

The USDA is meanwhile working on a separate national survey of 18,000 cannabis companies regarding production practices, costs, and marketing of hemp products, in partnership with the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture and the University of Kentucky.

This survey is currently collecting data on production site, licensed area, cultivated area, and areas harvested by end use. It also includes issues related to seeds, fertilizers, licensing fees, labor, farm prices by end use, and a number of contract matters.

For this survey, NASS inquires about 36,000 producers from various agricultural sectors to get answers to support market expectations. The agricultural census, which is conducted every five years, looks at a wide range of indicators to guide policy making.

Food is expected to rise

In the long run, it is expected that acres for hemp flowers, a source of CBD, will pale in comparison to those devoted to fiber and grain. at Transfer From last summer, the National Hemp Industrial Council of America (NIHC) predicted that CBD hemp fields would shrink to just 2.78% of the total US area over the next decade, with cannabis cultivation for seed cultivation becoming the dominant output.

The NIHC expects grain production to rise to 65.8% of the total area, while that for cannabis stalk processing will reach 31.4% by 2030.

These total numbers will come as the cannabis plant expands aggressively in the United States to meet growing demand, and becomes a major commodity with farm-gate sales exceeding $10 billion annually by 2025, the NIHC forecasts.

Hemp USA: main indications

US Department of Agriculture

US Department of Agriculture

US Department of Agriculture

See the entire USDA National Cannabis Report

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