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The European Commission is taking two big steps on the CBD reform front

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not everything torment and gloom On the cannabis front in Europe, regardless of the frustrating red tape, delays and inevitable lawsuits.

Indeed, this week the European Commission released news of two important developments that are sure to move the industry forward at a regional level. This is true even if there is a need for further legal action in specific jurisdictions. With the reform at the EU level, this creates an opportunity for political and regulatory changes in individual countries like never before. One very good example of this is the Canavabe case in France, which has been raised to the legal challenge at the EU level, which in turn, Produce a similar lawsuit in Germany To allow the import of cannabis products.

The first ad is definitely The effect of cannabis production. The second will move the needle in setting standards at the European Union level in the field of agriculture.

No matter how long and agonizing the wait, including thanks to the COVID delays, there really is a light at the end of the canna tunnel that’s not just another train.

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At least five companies in the European Union have just received news that New cases of CBD foods It has reached the final stages of the Novel Food process. These companies are located in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, France and a British company.

The new food regulations are widely misunderstood outside Europe – and even within its borders there is a lot of confusion. Essentially, this regulation states that if a plant has not been widely traded and widely consumed since 1997, it must go through a separate compliance process. When this is applied to cannabis, it generally means three things – the source of the seed, its cultivation, and how it is extracted.

However, the fact that five of these applications have reached the final level of approvals at the EU level is good news for the entire industry. The whole conversation has been put on hold over the past two years, not only because of COVID, but also discussions at the EU level, as well as international discussions about how to move forward with full legalization of cannabis.

EC Committee to Vote on Levels of THC in Food

Maybe Two year delay In everything related to cannabis, even with regard to cannabis, he is beginning to break through the legal and regulatory stalemate at the European Commission. Maybe it was the end of COVID, or an understanding, even at this level of nosebleeds, that the fix wouldn’t go away.

Regardless, the European Commission Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed A vote is set once again on a proposal that would raise the level of THC acceptable in marketable hemp foods in Europe. This is after he delayed the decision twice now.

Under the proposal, which will be considered next Monday, February 28, the level of oil derived from hemp seeds will be set at 7.5 mg/kg, while dry hemp foods such as hemp seeds without the shells, flour and protein powder will be limited to 3 mg/kg. Hemp seeds contain nearly zero THC, but trace amounts are found in the structures.

Towards a unified and logical policy on the EU front?

It’s too early to celebrate on any front, despite the fact that this month has seen regulatory progress on two big issues in the cannabis debate at the regional level. However, perhaps it is not too optimistic to hope that the painfully slow progress is now coming to an end. Beyond that, Temp has generally moved forward in cannabis reform in the meantime, and in fairly significant and purposeful ways.

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