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Does alcohol make THC stay in your system longer?

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Troubled times call for desperate action, and there are few cases less dangerous than an unexpected drug test. From apple cider vinegar to activated charcoalThe internet is full of supposed solutions that will disinfect your system. If you have quit smoking weed and know what Foods to avoid Before a drug test, did you think about the role alcohol might play in your detox efforts? Does alcohol cause THC to stay in your system longer, or can it help you clean up faster? in search of How to pass a drug testLet’s explore the role of alcohol.

Alcohol to clean toxins

The most common form of THC testing is through a urinalysis. Since THC detectable In urine until 30 after the last use, this can be a difficult test to pass if you have little time to prepare. One of the more unusual home remedies to pass a THC test is to use alcohol to wash out your system. Where did this idea come from, and is it correct?

alcohol to burn fat

After you smoke marijuana and your body uses THC, it turns into a metabolite that is stored in fat cells. You have to burn fat to release the metabolites into your bloodstream so they are eventually released through your urine. So it makes sense that the more fat you can burn, the faster THC will be detoxed.

Although one study He explains that drinking alcohol may help you lose weight, it is not a general rule that alcohol will burn enough fat to pass a drug test. The guideline for doing this work is to drink eight ounces of alcohol each day, which will prompt your body to burn extra fat to get enough energy to burn calories from alcohol. This exact formula of eight ounces of the same drink every day is supposed to help you burn fat, but there are many variables. Your total body fat percentage or the type of alcohol you choose can throw this plan off track.

Alcohol as a diuretic

When your body becomes dehydrated, the pituitary gland secretes a hormone that prevents urine from being released to keep as much fluid in the body as possible. These antidiuretic hormones (ADH) are a defense mechanism against dehydration, but adding alcohol to the body interferes with the way they work. Alcohol signals the kidneys to excrete water by temporarily stopping the hormone (ADH) from doing its job.

The result is frequent urination, which makes alcohol a diuretic. However, the assumption that drinking alcohol will wash out your THC system is a false assumption. Just because you’ll pee a lot doesn’t mean you’ll pass a drug test.

Will alcohol help me pass a drug test?

In short – no. Whether you try to eat eight ounces a day or bend over before a drug test – you won’t succeed if you smoke marijuana. Studies show that alcohol increases THC levels in your body blood, so assuming it will help you pass the test is reckless. THC may be more soluble in alcohol than water, but the only result you’ll get from this “treatment” is a hangover.

Alcohol and the body

Alcohol is absorbed in the stomach and small intestine and spreads into the bloodstream. The liver is responsible for breaking it down, and until it completes its function, alcohol continues to swim in the blood, affecting every organ in the body. Alcohol’s interaction with the brain causes the feeling of drunkenness, and this feeling does not dissipate unless you stop drinking and let the liver process the wine.

The body’s other major detoxing organs, the kidneys, are prompted to release water and suppress the hormone ADH. We know that alcohol is a diuretic, so when you drink it your body remains dehydrated. Therefore, using alcohol to detoxify THC is not a viable (or smart) option.

If you are serious about passing a drug test, find a reliable treatment to help you THC Detox. Instead, consider one of the following suggestions to help you pass a drug test.

  • 3-4 weeks: If you have a few weeks before the test or you simply want to clean up your system, stop using weeds and let your body eliminate toxins naturally. Get plenty of rest, extra exercise, and avoid foods that may slow down the detox process. Drink plenty of water, reduce your alcohol intake, and focus on eating mineral-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • 5-7 days: It’s prime time, and you need to think about what you can do to speed up the detox process. This calls for a detox kit To help you get rid of THC, fast.
  • Day 1: You’ve just been offered your dream job…waiting to pass a drug test. This calls for a Same day detox drink to rid your body of THC within hours.

So, does alcohol make THC stay in your system longer? not exactly. But it also won’t help you get rid of it faster. Stick to the tried and true methods when it comes to detoxing, and don’t stress out before your next drug test.

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