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Pennsylvania Committee Holds Second Hearing to Legalize Marijuana While Drafting Reform Bill

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Nearly three out of four New Hampshire voters support legalizing marijuana, according to a new poll. A bipartisan majority also says they support the sale of cannabis through a state-run model, as is the case under a bill recently passed by the House of Representatives.

The Granite State poll, published by the University of New Hampshire on Friday, found that 74 percent of state residents feel the ban should end. In a separate question, 68 percent of them said Support for a bill passed by the House of Representatives this month For the state liquor commission to conduct the sale exclusively – a proposal that has raised some concerns among advocates and stakeholders.

Seventy-nine percent of Democrats, 68 percent of Independents, and 56 percent of Republicans said they support the unique approach to reform.

through the United Nations.

Meanwhile, support for legalization overall in the state has grown over the past decade, increasing by 25 percentage points since the UN office began polling residents on the issue in 2013.

through the United Nations.

Only 15 percent of Granite Staters now oppose cannabis legalization.

But while a bipartisan majority said it favored the state-run legalization proposal, it should be noted that respondents were not given an alternative regulatory model in the new survey. And when asked about legalization through the traditional private retail model last year, 78% He said They prefer this approach.

However, what both surveys have shown is that New Hampshire residents are willing to allow adults to buy cannabis legally one way or another. Last vote It found majority support for basic reform across all population groups, including age, gender, and educational level.

“This survey confirms, once again, that cannabis legalization is very popular among New Hampshire residents,” Matt Simon, director of public and government relations for major alternative treatment centers in New Hampshire, told Marijuana Moment. “It also tells us something new: the alcohol monopoly model is significantly less popular (10 percent) than the idea of ​​allowing sales by licensed retail outlets. It will be interesting to see how policymakers choose to interpret these numbers.”

The new poll included interviews with 1,081 New Hampshire residents from February 18 to 22. The margin of error was +/- 3.0 percentage points.

The state-centric legislation passed by Representative Daryl Abbas (right) to the House by 235 to 119 this month, despite meeting resistance from the people in the broader debate over cannabis. This action comes about a month after the parliament’s decision Separate, non-commercial endorsement invoice This also sparked criticism.

Under the proposal, which still has to go to the House Finance Committee because of its financial components, and then get another vote before applying to the Senate, adults age 21 and older will be able to purchase cannabis from state-run dispensaries operated by the New Hampshire Liquor Committee . It can hold up to four ounces, but home farming will continue to be decriminalized—one of the main complaints from activists.

State regulators will have until October 1 to adopt rules on “registration and regulation of cannabis establishments and cannabis cultivation facilities.” They will then have another two months to make regulations on issues such as advertising, labeling, civil fines, security, and THC limits.

Some advocates had hoped that legislation It will be defeated so lawmakers can consider alternative reform proposals to create a legal marijuana market closely aligned with those in other states.

In general, many advocates usually welcomed whatever reforms they could achieve in the fight to end the ban. But in New Hampshire, they are particularly impatient with the Republican-controlled legislature, especially as it offers controversial legal options. While ignoring their favorite cars.

The non-commercial legalization bill passed by the House last month is another example of legislation that falls short of expectations. Adults will be allowed to own and give up up to three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana, and grow up to six plants, but it will not allow the cannabis trade.

The law Project Almost identical to a previous version too House passed under Democratic control In 2020. The previous bill passed away in a Senate committee.

What made the House’s vote last month to pass Representative Carol McGuire (right)’s bill even more frustrating for activists was the fact that it advanced a day after the chamber narrowly rejected a separate, broader legal proposal that would have governed trade production and sales.

Meanwhile, three deputies – deputies. Joshua Adjutant (D), Renny Cushing (D) and Andrew Prout (R) – each submitted separate bills to Putting marijuana legalization into the 2022 state ballot.

It would take an overwhelming majority of 60 percent in both houses to move forward with any of the proposed constitutional amendments. But while this would be a daunting task in the GOP-controlled legislature, if successful, it would enable lawmakers to avoid a potential veto on legal reform legislation from anti-legislative Governor Chris Sunono (right).

If lawmakers agree to put a constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis on the ballot, 67 percent of voters would have to vote for it to be enacted. last poll Indicates that the population is ready to reformwith three out of four New Hampshire residents favoring legalization.

While the governor remains opposed to legalizing adult use, advocates are encouraged to sign his bill into August Add opioid use disorder as a qualifying condition for the state’s medical cannabis program and also allows out-of-state patients to access dispensaries.

In 2017, Sunono signed Bill to decriminalize marijuana possession In the Granite State, though, he continues to oppose the addition of a legal commercial sale of cannabis component.

In 2019, lawmakers sent a medical cannabis cultivation bill to Sununu’s office, but he vetoed it.

Meanwhile, other northeast neighboring countries such as Maine and Vermont have already legalized recreational cannabis.

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