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New York hemp: an update

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A lot of things have happened since country state for the cannabis industry in New York. Of course, the one thing we’ve all been waiting for hasn’t happened yet, which is the release of the first draft of adult use rules and regulations. Now that we’re approaching the start of spring, it seems like a good time to review the developments of 2022.

Adult use regulations are expected very soon

All recent public statements have identified the release of New York City Adult Use Rules and Regulations in late winter/early spring. Cannabis Control Council (CCB) Tremaine Wright repeat This estimate was made during the ongoing cannabis talks hosted by the China Construction Bank. Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) CEO Christopher Alexander quoted say the same thing. It’s late winter now, so the rules and regulations are expected in the next few weeks.

Conditional licenses for adult use approved for growers and processors

On February 22, 2022, Governor Hochul signed Senate Bell S8084Awhich enables existing cannabis growers and processors to grow and process cannabis under one of two types of temporary licenses:

  • A farmer’s provisional conditional license to process and distribute cannabis flower products without obtaining an adult-used processor or distributor license, and
  • A conditional temporary processor license used for adults to process and distribute cannabis products.

will OCM Develop License application process and open the program as soon as possible. To qualify for a Conditional Cannabis Growing License for Adults, an applicant must have been an approved USDA Industrial Hemp Research Partner, grown hemp for its non-intoxicating cannabis content for at least two of the past four years and in good standing as of December 31, 2021, when the program ended search.

Medical Cannabis Program Expansion

OCM has expanded Medical cannabis program In several ways, with the following changes already implemented:

  • Physicians have greater discretion in certifying patients for medical marijuana. A patient can now be certified to use medical marijuana if the doctor believes they can treat or benefit from their condition.
  • Anyone who is legally allowed to prescribe a controlled substance can now prescribe cannabis under state law.
  • The maximum supply of cannabis for patients has been expanded to 60 days (from 30 days).
  • Registered organizations are allowed to sell whole flowers to eligible patients.
  • The $50 registration fee is waived for patients and caregivers going forward.
The Social Justice Funding Program is being implemented and will be funded

Earlier this year New York Governor Kathy Hochhol announce that will be established in New York 200 million dollars To support social and economic justice applicants seeking licenses to use cannabis for adults. During CCB’s New York City Cannabis Dialogue, Deputy Governor Benjamin indicated that social justice funding would be available at the start of the license, not after. This is clearly an important development given the concern that equity funding will not come in time to assist social justice applicants.

OCM is cracking down on unlicensed cannabis sales

During many CCB meetings and cannabis talks, CCB has been explicit that sales of unlicensed cannabis to adults in the form of “gifting” or club membership is illegal. After several months of operating de facto adult use dispensaries (and advertiser) across New York, OCM released Stop and stop texting For more than twenty retailers. Illegal operators risk being banned from the legal market for adult cannabis use and face heavy fines and potential criminal penalties.

Stay tuned for news of the highly anticipated release of Adult Use Rules and Regulations.

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