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Portuguese trade group calls on government to suspend cannabis amendment

The farmers say the law aims to stop the cannabis flower trade.
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The Cannacasa trade group has asked the Portuguese government to suspend an amendment that places strict limits on cannabis production, calling the law “very harmful to the establishment of the cannabis industry in Portugal”.

The growers are protesting a number of provisions in the amendment that they say appear to be aimed specifically at halting the trade in cannabis flowers. The rules also forbid transporting cannabis flowers from the farm where they are grown — and essentially prohibit their trade; The cultivation of hemp in indoor facilities and greenhouses is prohibited; It requires farmers to lay at least 0.5 hectares; It places restrictions on the use and handling of planting seeds.


Cancasa said the measure that Entered into force in JanuaryThe incentive discourages cannabis growers and processors.

In a statement by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the association demands either the suspension of the amendment or the removal of all references to industrial hemp in the law. CannaCasa also asked the government ombudsman and public prosecutor to request review of the amendment by the Portuguese Constitutional Court.

No legal basis

“We are convinced that there is direct harm resulting from the establishment of minimum acreage, restrictions on agricultural practices, reduction in seeding densities, bans on the practice of greenhouse cultivation, requirements of commercial contracts for farmers, and a ban on the full use of the plant,” Canakasa said in the statement.

The association said the amendment failed to provide a legal basis for interfering with the farming practices of cannabis, which is a legal, certified and subsidized agricultural crop as defined in the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy. Canakasa emphasized that there is no legal basis for limiting the trade of the entire cannabis plant, including flowers, to the detriment of cannabis-based economic development.

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