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Costa Rica pushes ahead with medical cannabis reform

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Costa Rica You finally did it! on Wednesday of this week, Medical marijuana bill The one passed the day before was signed by the country’s president, Carlos Alvarado. The bill has been in limbo since Alvarado vetoed it earlier this year, arguing that restrictions should be placed on individual farming and consumption. Lawmakers brought it back to him with needed changes this week.

Supporters applaud the legislation, saying it will provide a much-needed boost to the country’s agricultural sector, not to mention job creation.

Alvarado finally acknowledged that reform was inevitable in the final days of his administration. The two candidates hoping to replace him, Jose Maria Figueres and Rodrigo Chavez, do not seem to share his reservations. Both openly support entertainment reform. They will face each other next month in the run-off. As a result, it appears that more progress is imminent.

Given what is going on in the area, there is no real surprise here. Neighboring countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru have all moved on the same path even if their transition to recreational reform did not happen quickly or smoothly. Ecuador I just applied this week. Brazil Now teetering on the edge.

However, only Uruguay, of all the countries in the region, has implemented a complete entertainment reform – and has already become the first country in the world to do so – despite Mexico It is now close to becoming the second country in the region to follow suit. However, owing to the pronouncements of the men now vying for the country’s top political position, Costa Rica might become the second (or third) country in Central or South America to fully legalize the plant, as well as its production and consumption.

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Prior to this week, cannabis was essentially decriminalized here. Personal consumption does not carry any criminal penalties. In fact, there has been a long history, tradition, and culture of use (no matter how much misunderstood or mischaracterized). This is what I supported Court ruling in 2016. Since the ancient law had no limits on cultivation or possession, this seemed to be the reason why the issue of limits was a hot political topic for an outgoing president.

The current push towards legalization began in 2019. Currently there is only one company in the country that has been granted permission to study the plant and is growing 12 varieties in two different locations.

However, it does not take a rocket scientist to realize that Costa Rica’s domestic industry in the near future will be a boon to the country – and far from exports. There is a strong medical tourism sector and an expatriate sector that is expected to get almost immediate support from current legislation. The country over the past several decades has been one of the tropical locations for elderly Americans and Canadians to relocate home, in part due to the much cheaper standard of living, the higher quality of current healthcare, and of course the weather and jaw-dropping. eavesdropping scene.

Besides the almost perennial ice fowl, Costa Rica, before COVID, received about 1.7 million tourists annually, most of them from North America. About 80% of the tourists come for ecotourism. Profits from this sector of the economy amount to more than $1.7 billion – or it did. It is also the most important source of foreign exchange. Until COVID at least, it was also growing, on average, at just over 7% per year.

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