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Medical Marijuana Company Says Louisiana Industry Is Strong

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New Orleans – Headquartered in Louisiana TeleLeafThe virtual medical marijuana program that connects patients with doctors said the industry’s case is strong since the legalization of “flower” (smokeable marijuana) in Louisiana in early 2022.

TeleLeaf said the flower – the raw, raw form of the marijuana plant – is known for its powerful “entourage” effect, which synchronizes with cannabinoids already in the body to treat conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, insomnia and more. Zahra was officially launched to medical marijuana pharmacies across Louisiana on January 3, 2022, and has surged in demand statewide.

“The momentum continues as we approach the third month with Flower showing off shelves,” said Gary Hess, CEO of TeleLeaf. “Patients who have tried the products are excited for more. The number of new patients is constantly increasing as talk spreads about the quality, accessibility and efficacy of the products. Pharmacies are eagerly anticipating the release of more products on the horizon.”

TeleLeaf said the effects of legal marijuana include:

  • Louisiana flower products have been hugely popular with the majority of nine medical marijuana pharmacies selling out during the first two weeks of January. The second restocked shipments from the state’s suppliers were nearly sold out by mid-February, although new shipments are now being delivered across the state.
  • Major obstacles currently affecting patient access include bottlenecks for initial and new patient consultations, high prices in some pharmacies, lead time in the testing and approval process for products by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forests (LDAF), low number of suppliers, as well as distance to/from dispensaries that does not provide.
  • With continued rapid-paced growth, medical marijuana pharmacies in Louisiana are choosing to make internal changes to meet growing demand, including expanding and/or updating online inventory and ordering platforms, hiring additional staff and, for some, implementing home delivery options for easier access.

TeleLeaf said it saw an increase of 2.5 times the number of patients per day compared to the fourth quarter of 2021.

“Gratitude appears to be the sentiment shared across the spectrum of patient surveys,” said Brianna Hardy, a TeleLeaf patient advocate. “Our patient community was holding their breath, praying, waiting, talking about their need for this moment. Now that we’re here, we hear tearful phone calls daily from people feeling relief, joy, and a quality of life again that they simply couldn’t reach.”

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