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Technology is driving the growth in popularity of the CBD industry

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Bread is a staple in many people’s kitchens, but how did that happen? Who would have thought that raising some crops would be a great idea to make a new type of food? Our ancestors did not have wheat and other grains as we have today, and they had to selectively breed crops. Even collecting grain, it’s crazy to think that they know how to ferment bread and other products. Bread is one of the prime examples of how technology has made its way into our daily lives.

CBD (which stands for cannabidiol) is a natural product known for its relaxing effect and many other medicinal benefits. This natural product is similar to bread in the sense that technology and science are what makes it so much more in our daily lives. People have actually used CBD for many years as a really important part of traditional medicine. Now with our better understanding of CBD and technological improvement, it is gaining traction once again.

Not just for people

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system which is not only limited to humans, all mammals possess it. Even more interesting, research has shown that dogs have more endocannabinoid receptors than humans. In the same way that CBD affects people in a calm and relaxing way, it can also affect other mammals. This understanding shows her that these effects are completely normal due to their presence in other animals.

This type of medication is really useful to help your furry companions in times of extreme stress when traveling or hearing loud explosions. Of course, this does not mean that you should follow it, it is always important to use a file correct dose It depends on several factors. It is important to do some research before approaching this very good way to help your little buddies.

Environmentally friendly

Extracting CBD from hemp is a very environmentally friendly process. When compared to many other types of medicines that are manufactured on an industrial scale, it is more environmentally friendly. The first reason behind this is due to the fact how easy it is to grow cannabis at such a large scale. Hemp is really easy to grow and new agricultural Technology, it’s constantly improving. It is very easy to set up a vertical cannabis farm that is more sustainable than regular farms.

Once you have the plant, the extraction process is very simple. The first step is to homogenize the cannabis leaves or seeds in a turbo mill for example. Then, you can use a non-polar solvent to extract the CBD and there you have it. The extraction process can be carried out with supercritical carbon dioxide2 It is the safest way to do this. CO . company2 The process used in this process can be withdrawn from the atmosphere making it a carbon negative process.

using the whole plant

Once CBD is extracted, this will not be the end of this very valuable industrial plant. Hemp seeds can be used as a very rich source of easily digestible proteins. Many vegetarian and vegan diets are lacking Proteins Which are digestible, but not hemp seeds. These protein seeds can be used as additives to such diets, not only as useful additives but also as cheap additives. Extracting these proteins is also a process that has been perfected using today’s technology.

Besides using these proteins in the diet, the stem of the plant can be used as a source of cellulose. Alternative sources of cellulose that do not come from forests are very important. The cellulose from hemp is easier to come by than the cellulose from hardwood. That is why this extraction is a very important green technological advance. The fact that the entire plant can be used for many purposes is one of the main reasons for the boom in the CBD industry.

It is very important to be open to new technological and scientific developments that are made daily. Perhaps bread was one of the items that some of our ancestors tried to reject for being unnatural. Why would anyone eat juice from random seeds mixed with yeast thrown into the oven? It is not hard to imagine this kind of logic emerging in some of our ancestors.

In the same way, it is important to remain open to the technological developments that are driving the popularity of the CBD industry. The only way we can move forward is to be innovative and open to new ideas and science. Just try to imagine the world today if our ancestors were afraid to come down from trees. We will still live there in hiding and afraid to embrace the future.

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