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This Absorption Enhanced CBD supplement is the first to receive international NSF certification

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nutritional sciences company, Theralogix, Announcing the launch of TheraHemp, the first CBD-enhanced absorption supplement Independently tested and certified by NSF International for content accuracy and purity.

To achieve the distinction of becoming certified, TheraHemp has successfully completed a rigorous testing and certification process to ensure content accuracy and purity.

Theralogix Chief Science Officer, Dr. Mark Ratner, told Benzinga, “Everyone at Theralogix is ​​extremely proud to have been certified by a reputable accrediting body such as NSF International. This achievement only underscores our commitment to developing and delivering only the safest, most approved micronutrient supplements to consumers.”

To enhance absorption, TheraHemp is formulated with VESIsorb, resulting in 300% greater absorption of CBD. THC’s THC content is undetectable at 100ppm (0.01%) and contains the exact amount of CBD indicated on the label. This is especially important for individuals subject to drug testing including competitive athletes, first responders, and many individuals with commercial driver’s licenses.

Each TheraHemp softgel delivers broad spectrum hemp oil and is standardized to provide 20 mg of CBD Combined with 8 mg of terpenes enriched with beta-caryophyllene. TheraHemp is free of dye and gluten.

NSF International is a global public health organization that facilitates the development of standards, testing, and certification of products for the health sciences, food, water, and consumer goods industries to reduce adverse health effects and protect the environment. The rigorous NSF® International Program is the first non-profit third-party CBD/Hemp certification program completely independent of the cannabis industry.

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