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Butte County approves two more medical cannabis applications

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The Butte County Commission has signed two additional Certificates of Compliance for a pair of medical cannabis establishments: one for a cultivation license and one for a manufacturing license.

During a district committee meeting on March 15, 1889 Farms LLC and The High Hills LLC applied for farming and manufacturing licenses, respectively.

Representing the companies, Kitrick Jeffries, a former marijuana industry compliance officer and founder of Dakota Cannabis Consulting, a Rapid City-based cannabis consultancy, addressed the committee about the two applications.

Jeffries said the two companies consist of 35 individuals who came together in a joint cannabis venture.

“After they limited the number of licenses,” he said, “we decided to meet.” “That’s what 1889 Farms and The High Hills are – 35 South Dakota coming together to do it right.”

According to the South Dakota Secretary of State’s website where the companies have submitted their articles of organization, both companies list identical management information.

High Hills Farms and 1889 list their headlines as 1732 Mesa Dr. , in Rapid City. Under the field that lists the organization’s organizers, SCI Holdings LLC is listed. Jeffries is registered as the registered agent in the articles of association for the business.

The committee voted unanimously to approve the requests. Commissioner Carol Hermann was absent from the March 15 meeting.

The certificates have been sent for security review by the Butte County Sheriff’s Office. After security signature, applications will be forwarded to the state for the official license selection and approval process.

According to the Butte County Law that regulates medical cannabis within the county, the number of licenses available to medical cannabis establishments varies depending on the type of license.

The county does not have a limit on the number of permits available for cannabis growing facilities. However, the ordinance states that Butte County will issue one permit for every 5,000 full-time residents, according to data from the most recent federal census, to cannabis dispensaries, production facilities, and testing facilities.

As per the 2020 census, Butte County is home to 10,243 people. With this data, the county can issue two permits each for dispensaries, production facilities and testing facilities. With the applications approved and in state hands for final approval, the county has processed eight licensing applications: two for dispensaries, two for manufacturing, and four for farming facilities.

If the eight applications receive state approval, and obtain the final seal from the commission, the licenses available for dispensaries and manufacturing facilities will be filled. Currently, no business has applied for either of the two available testing facility licenses.

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