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What do you know about the first ever cannabis hall in Michigan


(WXYZ) — The first marijuana terminal is set to open its doors later this month in Hazel Park.

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Hotbox Social will start with private events and then open to the public later in the year.

It’s the first of its kind to be given a government permit where users can light one up or smoke a bong.

But there’s a catch, you can’t bring your stash yet.

“We are able to accept deliveries from any retailer in the area. We don’t actually sell here,” said Trucenta Nowfal’s chief information officer. “Delivery drivers show up and keep the transaction indoors where it is safe.”

Experts will also be willing to teach new users.

“The FDA has a certain recommendation around 5 mg as an initial dose. We want to halve that and maybe float around the 2-2.5 mg range for a first timer just to be safe,” Aksch said.

Michigan is now the seventh state to allow these consumption lounges.

“We’ve seen the need for a way for social consumption to happen in a responsible way,” said Andrew Prespo, Michigan’s top cannabis regulator. “We can ensure the safety of employees working in those types of establishments.”

There are a lot of regulations for these consumption lounges including a proper ventilation system.

“So this room has a large volume of ventilation where if we turn it off, you can easily heat this room with five people,” Aksch said. “In the cannabis community, you can challenge a cannabis user to anything.”

You can also store your bong or stash it in closets.

The entire hall can accommodate up to 200 people.

“If there is a bar where you can drink, there has to be a bar where you can smoke,” said Keith Conrad. He lives nearby.

“I don’t think you know this would be more of a nuisance than your neighborhood pub.”

Hotbox Social is located in Tucker and John R..

As of now, they don’t know if they will charge for the use of the space, but they will open a kitchen that serves food.

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