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BREAKING: Biden to decriminalize cannabis and expunge convictions

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In anticipation of today’s scheduled vote on a bill more by the US House of Representatives, the Biden administration just announced that cannabis is now decriminalized, and that all federal convictions for cannabis are hereby expunged.

In fact, none of this is true. Sorry! That’s what your April Fools’ joke goes through here at the Canna Law Blog.

It would be great, though, if the Biden administration would stick with it Campaign Promise “To decriminalize cannabis use and to strike out all previous convictions for cannabis use.” Biden and Harris might heed the related promise to “end all drug confinement alone…” while they’re at it. Why not.

Management may be too busy Staff Check For marijuana use, new candidates have declined to use cannabis in the past. The management may also have deviated from updating the Staff Conduct Guidelines for the possibility of this happening Security clearance denied For anyone investing in a cannabis company. Or it could also be the boss Actually he doesn’t have the strength To reinstate or cancel marijuana unilaterally. Biden would have to direct the DEA, HHS, and FDA to look into this, and it was kinda busy. Anyway, hard to say!

You could tell I’m getting a little cynical. It’s great that MORE Act is going to a second vote today. I doubt the Senate will receive it anytime soon. I suspect there is another comprehensive bill, which is Cannabis management and the law of opportunity — which could be presented to the Senate later this month — must comply with the More Act if both pass. It is also possible that we will see contributions from other proposals as well, including states reform lawas part of the final product.

I have no idea what’s going to happen here to be honest. Nor anyone else. It’s hard to see around corners and we’ve been trying to do that for years. Maybe, just maybe, Congress can get all of this together before the midterms this fall. Maybe not. And if not, the odds may drop again and head into 2023.

When federal cannabis reform finally happens, it looks like we won’t have the executive branch to thank. For all kinds of cannabis, I dedicate April Fools’ Day to them.

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