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Bid on weed-themed Colorado license plates for a good cause

Last year’s shows brought in $45,410 for disabled Coloradans

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For the second year in a row, Colorado is bidding on 22 limited license plates bearing cannabis-friendly labels such as “BLUNT,” “420” and “MRY JANE.” Inaugural auction last year Withdrawn at $45,410thanks to boards like “BONG” and “GREEN” that cost over $3,500 each.

Bidding this year Has been online since April 1 It will remain open until 4:20 pm on Wednesday, April 20th Colorado Disability Funding Commission Proceeds from this year’s auction will be used to support innovative new programs that improve the quality of life and independence for people with disabilities. Family Voices received a grant after the 2021 auction, which was used to launch a pilot program for 12 deaf and blind children.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to provide grant funding to nonprofit and for-profit organizations that serve people with disabilities. I am pleased to continue to support the efforts of the Colorado Disability Funding Commission.”

Colorado Lieutenant Governor Diane Primavera

The highest bid in 2021 was “ISIT420,” which was for $6,630. “TEGRIDY,” an ode to a fictional weed company on Comedy South Park, based in Coloradomade the most bang for the buck, making $4,930 after 151 attempts.

Last year, The Mile High State set a record in the United States for legal cannabis sales, raising $2.22 billion in fiscal 2021. Since legalization in 2012, the state has raised more than $2 billion in tax and fee revenue from $12 billion. In sales, with $538.7 million Going to Colorado Public Schools as of March 2022, according to Marijuana Policy Project.

These are the license plates available for auction for this year

  • Convention on Biological Diversity
  • Gotembe
  • 420* Comes with 42O (oh not zero) for half of the winning bid.
  • 710
  • sharp
  • Pongwater
  • cannabis
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • dance
  • Edible
  • get oil
  • fragmentation
  • Mary Jane
  • mormel
  • glue material
  • turbines
  • THC
  • Toker
  • pruning
  • wax
  • weed

As an independent outlet in Colorado Westward pointed These plates will probably look better on the wall than on your car. Colorado only Launch the program On Monday morning, law enforcement will help identify disabled drivers. We already know that some law enforcement agencies you have a habit From abuse of gray areas around green to in legal states.

So even though the smell of cannabis alone is no longer a strong potential reason for research in Colorado, or… Several other countriesYou may want to slow down the roll before you hit the road with a sign that says “WEED”. The stone slate auction announcement also came with a stern warning that it is never a good idea to mix driving with cannabis, highlighting the consequences of a DUI that includes a $13,500 fine.

Cannabis Pays Dues Across Colorado

Cannabis companies bring their green power to good causes across the state. Nearly half of state highway care is backed by legal weed. (Fox31)

“For more than a decade, Colorado has been a leader in cannabis, bringing bold, innovative, and creative businesses to the state,” Gov. Jared Polis (D) He said In a statement about the auction. “This effort allows us to celebrate Colorado’s high reputation and fund significant projects and programs in our disability community.”

The winning exhibitor of each Colorado herb painting will receive exclusive rights to an innovative design with the letters/numbers of his or her choice. Winners can save the rights to their board for a later date, but will have to pay registration fees and other costs if they want to show it on the road. The buyer will also have the right to resell the rights to his paintings through the Colorado Disability Funding Commission.

Don’t be surprised to see an offer from the Leafly News team before the auction closes on April 20. 420 marks and the rules state that the winner of that board will have the option to reserve 42O (oh instead of zero) at half the price of the winning bid on 420. We won’t usually show our hand, but we welcome any challenge from any big trader who doesn’t mind burning the green for good reason.

Contact the Colorado Disability Funding Coordinator at soc_dfc@state.co.us or 303-900-7600 with any questions prior to the April 20 auction.

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