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High Times announces partnership with Ginger Commerce

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The High Times is pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership that will help create the largest direct-to-consumer offering in California.

We cooperate with gingerbread tradea company that provides direct-to-consumer cannabis services in California through its proprietary e-commerce program.

“We are seeing a major shift in the industry’s ability to connect with consumers. Although delivering quality has been an important part of our organization since we decided to touch the factory directly, we believe by partnering with Ginger Commerce, we are able to provide a whole new world of value to our partners.” and enhancing brands’ offerings from every angle, High Times CEO Paul Henderson said at a press release. “We are confident that this partnership will redefine the standards for direct-to-consumer offerings for the entire cannabis industry.”

Roie Edery, co-founder and CEO of Ginger Commerce, said the company is “excited to partner with one of the most recognized and respected brands in our industry.”

Ediri referred to the leading newspaper, The High Times and Famous Cannabis Cup events As a field of coexistence between the two brands.

“By combining Ginger’s innovative technology with access to the High Times across California, we know we are bringing tremendous value to brands and making DTC more accessible to consumers,” Edery said in the announcement. “Through its popular media outlet and Cannabis Cup events, High Times’ access enhances Ginger’s brands offering to its customers by providing them with new and exciting channels to reach more customers. We look forward to the impact our unique partnership will have on the industry as we pursue our mission to become the largest DTC in the world. United State ”

Ginger Commerce’s technical offerings have made it a prestigious partner among Californian cannabis brands. The company says it serves more than 40 brands in the state with “a suite of tools designed to unlock revenue potential through e-commerce software, direct-to-consumer delivery, industry-specific features, and marketing tools.”

The company has “democratized cannabis,” says Alexei Klempner, co-founder and chief technology officer of Ginger Commerce.

Ginger empowers entrepreneurs, content creators, and developers, inside and outside the industry, to build apps with cannabis-centric business models, launch DTC brands, deliver services, and fundamentally move the industry forward. Klempner says.

In the partnership’s press release, the two companies discussed the growing importance of direct-to-consumer delivery in the cannabis industry, saying that it “has rapidly grown into a dominant revenue channel for companies.”

“With DTC, brands have unprecedented access and ownership of their customers’ data, and get significantly better profit margins compared to a traditional retail environment, or on third-party marketplace delivery sites,” the announcement read.

Ryan Jeniman, founder and CEO of THC Design, said the company had “wanted to deliver DTC sales for some time,” but “struggled to find a viable solution that would give us complete control over our sales funnel as well as complete ownership of our data — until we found Ginger.”

“But what originally seemed to be the perfect solution to our DTC puzzle has improved in some way. With this new partnership with High Times, we will now be able to offer our on-demand products to just about everyone in California, which is a huge win for us,” Genman said.

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