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Portland officials hold first-ever press conference on cannabis policy priorities and the state of the industry

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The City of Portland will hold its first press conference that will highlight developments in cannabis policy and statements from prominent local cannabis entrepreneurs and industry influencers.

Who is the:The City of Portland’s Cannabis Program team will be joined by City of Portland officials, members of the Cannabis Policy Monitoring Team and other cannabis industry experts to host an official program to unveil the 2021 Cannabis Policy Report outlining ongoing recommendations to destigmatize cannabis use, expand racial justice, and support Portland’s growing market.

Scheduled speakers include:

  • Dashida Dawson, City of Portland Cannabis Program Director
  • Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty
  • Head of the Portland Cannabis Policy Oversight Team, Al Ochosa
  • Portland Cannabis Policy Oversight Team Vice President Travis Maurer
  • Rachel Knox is an Endomemologist and Certified Cannabis Medicine Specialist

when:Official program starts Monday, April 11th at 10:30 AM PT

where:The outside plaza and main entrance to the Portland City Hall (1221 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97204) across the street from Terry Schrunk Plaza.

Why:The Cannabis Policy Oversight Team (CPOT) will sum up her 2021 cannabis policy report With the Office of Community, Civic Life and Communities Served by the City of Portland.

Although 2021 was another record year for cannabis industry sales in Oregon, the triple whammy of COVID, burglaries and wildfires have left the cannabis industry with no lifelines. CPOT immediately began work and advocated for the $1.33 million Emergency Cannabis Relief Fund, which was approved by the city council on December 1, 2021.

CPOT, with the support of Commissioner-in-Charge Jo Ann Hardesty, is ready to outline their equity-focused recommendations. These policy recommendations include a focus on:

  • human equality
  • environmental equality
  • economic equity, and
  • social equality

All media, including cannabis policy advocates from across the country and the world will participate, as this event will be broadcast live for a global audience to watch.

Live broadcast and call details:

If you plan to share this with your readers, please ask them to tune in via the YouTube live link: bit.ly/3jc0Dpb

The video will be recorded live at this link after the press conference.

About the City of Portland’s Cannabis Program

Portland’s Cannabis Program oversees all regulatory, licensing, compliance, education, and equality initiatives in the city’s legal cannabis industry.

A central Portland cannabis regulatory office helps businesses thrive and keeps our community safer. The Cannabis Program helps ensure that Portland’s cannabis business community creates local jobs, supports public health and safety, employs a diverse workforce, invests in their employees and communities, and provides consumers with safe and legal options for purchasing and consuming cannabis.

The Cannabis Program is an equity-focused regulatory management framework designed to realize the reparative and restorative potential of the global movement to decriminalize cannabis. The city program remains an ambitious benchmark for local, state and federal jurisdictions demonstrating the cannabis industry’s ability to influence systemic racism globally.

Check the Cannabis Program Fact Sheet Or visit the Cannabis Program website for more information: portland.gov/civic/cannabis

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