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Cannabis-friendly hotel is coming to Las Vegas

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Finally, this finally happened. smoking Cannabis on Vacation without Fear is finally a thing and it’s coming to Las Vegas! Thanks to a recent change in legislation, companies can now apply for commercial advertising cannabis Consumption hall license. After hearing this news, Pro Hospitality Group He jumped into action and bought property on the strip. The group plans to open an entire cannabis-friendly hotel smoking Rooms, hall and more. Here are all the details about this exciting new development…

Cannabis use in Vegas

Until recently, entertainment Cannabis is legal in Nevada, but lounges are not allowed. Residents have been told they can smoke in their homes, but legally, there is nowhere to go for tourists. Many hotels will look the other way and allow their guests to smoke weed on their balconies. Now, they won’t have to. Thanks to the recent change in legislation, dispensariesHotels and other businesses will now apply for an on-site commercial consumption license.

indoor smoking = $ $

Nevada’s indoor smoking regulations are entirely subject to money. The economy in Las Vegas is based on tourism and gambling, therefore, the regulations cater to that. according to Nevada Clean Indoor Air Actsmoking tobacco prohibited in all internal institutions; Unless in a casino, tobacco retail store, strip club, brothel or independent bar. why? Because statisticallySmokers stay and gamble longer than non-smokers. Casino owners don’t want customers to have to quit smoking because there’s a good chance they won’t come back.

Pro Hospitality Collection Coming to Vegas

Pro Hospitality Group They purchased a 64-room artisan hotel on Sahara Avenue and Highway 15. They paid $11.9 million for the property alone and plan to invest an additional $3 million in renovations. Experienced and ready to expand, Pro Hospitality Group owns cannabis-friendly cannabis Clarendon Hotel In Phoenix Arizona, plans to open something similar.

Cannabis friendly hotel features

What are the advantages of a cannabis-friendly hotel? What is the hotel policy for Hotboxing? Do you need to bring your own bong? While we don’t know all the final details about the Vegas Hotel, we do know what a cannabis-friendly hotel in Phoenix Arizona looks like.

cannabis consumption policies

  • Guests can choose between a smoking or non-smoking room.
  • Daping concentrates and flower smoking are permitted in cannabis-friendly rooms but not in public areas.
  • Smokeless products may be used in outdoor public places, except for the restaurant patio.
  • Smoking of tobacco products will not be permitted in cannabis-friendly rooms. According to the company’s website, it’s because of the “persistent odor and residue.”

Cannabis friendly hotel features

Cannabis consumption hall – In Phoenix, Arizona, the Clarendon Hotel has a smoking lounge open to the general public and their guests. In Vegas, they will build something similar but it is not yet clear if the lounge will be public.

Cannabis shuttle noting the need for access, the company creates a cannabis transport service that takes guests to local dispensaries. It’s not just a drop-off service, the bus will wait while guests do their shopping and bring them back when they’re done.

Great for some, life-changing for others

The opening of cannabis-friendly hotels is great news for the community but for some, it means a lot more than others. Many medical cannabis Patients do not travel because they cannot be sure that they can use their medication.

Here is an example of this type of situation:

Epilepsy is a condition that causes sudden seizures and is often treated with cannabis. When an epilepsy patient feels a seizure coming, he needs quick and immediate release cannabis; In many cases, this is enough to prevent a seizure. Sublingual oil works for some, but inhaling cannabis is the most effective. Now, imagine that you have epilepsy and you are trying to plan a vacation in Las Vegas. Bright flashing lights can trigger a seizure without warning, and Vegas is full of them. Without making sure you can smoke if necessary, the trip would be out of the question.

After a day of walking a Las Vegas strip, what could be better than kicking into bed and smoking weed? Until recently, this privilege was only available to residents. Fortunately, laws change…
The first cannabis-friendly hotel is finally coming to Las Vegas!
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