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Climate Crisis and the Historical Cannabis Transformation

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Research has shown that The total annual amount of energy used in indoor cannabis cultivation is equivalent to powering two million homes, with emissions equivalent to 3 million American cars. Plus, we know that now Indoor cannabis labs produce 25 times more carbon dioxide of growing outdoors, with renewable outdoor growing not only has a virtually zero carbon footprint but also helps with carbon sequestration.

produced by new rituals In partnership with Sun + Earth Certified, Onda Wellness, Sespe Creek, Flying Embers Kombucha, Chemistry, Brother David’s, and Cornerstone Wellness – whose collective vision is to support a world where hemp products are grown in the sun, in Mother Earth’s soil without chemicals, Renewable and sustainable, by fair-paying farmers and farm workers – and “420 PM on 4/20” start in 4:20 pm It includes inspiring talk from afternoon to evening and workshops dedicated to climate solutions and intentional cannabis consumption.

Joint event organizer added, Alexis Kafkis: “When you see how harmful the cultivation of hemp on an industrial scale is to the environment, you can’t ignore it. It’s time to move beyond the novelty of legal cannabis and become more aware of the safety of the cannabis products we put in our bodies—where it’s grown and how it’s grown? Our purchasing decisions affect the environment.” It doesn’t make sense to eat organic foods, but it doesn’t make sense to eat industrially grown and chemically processed cannabis. We have an opportunity now, while the cannabis industry is young and emerging, to inculcate values ​​that will guide us towards regenerative practices. This plant can help us do it right by the planet , and with us “420 PM on 4/20” Partners, we look forward to educating consumers on how to do this.”

In addition to a preview of the documentary, garden careTicket holders will enjoy high yoga as well as a series of panel discussions Tina Gordon (Founder of Renewable Hemp Farm, moon making farms), Stephen Smith (Founder Onda Wellness(First Certified Bio-CBD Oil + World’s First Certified Regenerative CBD Oil), Heather Dunbar (Director of Marketing and Communications for sun + earth)And Ura Vasquez (community organizer), Chelsea Sutola (Founder Sisby Creek Groupthe first Sun + Earth certified cannabis dispensary), Marie Carrion (Real estate + culture journalist), Daniel Stein (Owner of a renewable cannabis farm Briceland . Forest Farm), Lynn Lyman (Former director of California Drug Policy Alliance), the Tending the Garden documentary, Claire Weisbloth.

“The everyday consumer choices, whether it’s the food you eat, the soap you use, or the cannabis you smoke, all affect the world for better or worse,” he said. David BronnerFounder Brother Davidthe first Sun + Earth certified hemp brand in California. “Renewable organic farming enhances soil and community health and mitigates the effects of climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil. Intensive chemical hemp grown indoors under fossil-fueled lights makes matters worse. It is critical to choose organic, renewable cannabis grown for the sun, as well as The case is choosing organic, renewable food. We are at a critical point where we have to profoundly transform the cannabis industry towards a more environmentally friendly model for the climate.”

website: www.420ppm.live Instagram: @420ppm / Doors open at 3 o’clock

Media contact: holly aubrey / Human nature / [email protected]
Peter Dennin420ppm co-creator: [email protected]
Alexis Kafkis420ppm co-creator: [email protected]

About the organizers
house of denin An environmental writer focusing on human influences on natural systems. His story focuses on solutions to the escalating crises of climate, plastics, water, soils, and social and environmental justice, with the goal of inspiring action to address the challenges facing humanity and the natural world.

Lexi Kafkis He is a Creative Director who collaborates with brands, startups, and individuals in the cannabis, wellness, and lifestyle spaces to do good for people and the planet. After years of working in the bicoastal cannabis communities, she saw the need for spaces for conscious consumption and connection with the cannabis plant, which led her to found new ritualsA leading brand that sets new standards for cannabis experiences.

Source: 420PPM on 4/20

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