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Tremor International launches an exclusive show for the public

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NEW YORK, April 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tremor International (AIM/NASDAQ: TRMR), the global leader in video and Connected Television (“CTV”) advertising, offers a comprehensive technology platform that enables advertisers to reach relevant audiences and publishers to maximize revenue on their digital advertising inventory, and philoToday, the premier compliance platform that provides data-driven marketing and regulatory solutions to high-growth industries, announced the next phase of their partnership, designed to enable advertisers to reach premium, high-spending, engaged consumers across all screens, including bot and CTV.

Through industry-leading data science and audience enrichment, Tremor International and Fyllo have created unique audiences that integrate high-access TV viewing data from Tremor up to 44 million American families – Includes streaming, cable, broadcast, and advertising content – with selected cannabis and CBD purchase data from Fyllo’s offline sources, available exclusively to advertisers using Tremor Video DSP or PMP activation through Unruly SSP – two platforms that constitute Tremor International’s end-to-end platform . These so-called “TV+” segments reflect Tremor’s larger efforts to expand its TV Intelligence solution with other premium data sets to provide advertisers with more accurate reach across unique, high-value audiences.

Representing over 64 million people in the United States, studies show that cannabis and CBD consumers share a progressive mindset and a penchant for buying making them a powerful growth audience for response-driven brands and marketers.

As experts in cross-platform TV targeting and scaling, Tremor International hand-selected the most popular TV viewing segments from a TV Intelligence solution, an expansive dataset that includes Set-Top Box (STB), automatic content recognition (ACR) and crossover. Screen panel data, augmented with Fyllo Cannabis & CBD consumer data to create a suite of TV+ segments, available for activation on a 1:1 basis. Examples of audiences now available exclusively through Tremor Video DSP and Unruly SSP include:

  • Reality TV Watchers + CBD Buyers
  • Premium Broadcast Viewers + CBD & Cannabis Buyers
  • Cooking & Wine Content Viewers + CBD Buyers

Advertisers can also leverage TV Tremor data along with Fyllo Cannabis & CBD purchase data to build custom audiences based on campaign goals and brand performance goals.

said Alexandra Dean, senior director of global partnerships and strategies at Shake International. “Together, Tremor and Fyllo are leading the curve in recognizing the value of this emerging consumer group and delivering an increasingly valuable data category to the fastest growing TV and video content formats.”

“Brands targeting the cannabis audience expect a level of sophistication in data that reflects the maturity and value of the sector itself,” said Steve Cattelman, Chief Partnership Officer at Fyllo. Marketers can now integrate data from Fyllo and Tremor to unlock new insights and targeting opportunities at these key consumers to drive increased performance across automated video and CTV. ”

About Tremor International

Tremor International is a group of brands created to unite creativity, data and technology across the open internet. Our comprehensive video-first platform facilitates and optimizes interactive ad campaigns for brands, media groups and content creators around the world – enabling strong partnerships and delivering meaningful results. As a leading connected TV and video company, Tremor International’s footprint expands across the fastest growing segments of the industry, driven by a global team of seasoned technologists and digital natives. Learn more through www.tremorinternational.com

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