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Grow Maid in Virginia Beach educates people about growing their own weed

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Virginia Beach, VA – Diagnosed with scoliosis as a teen, Taylor Freeman said he turned to marijuana to help with the pain.

“I use marijuana for scoliosis and back pain, and it just helps me sleep,” he said.

Doctors prescribe the drug to relieve symptoms of some illnesses, including arthritis, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

ADHD; It can help you with epilepsy. Freeman said. “There are a lot of studies that have been underway.”

It’s Legal to Own, Consume, and Grow Recreational Marijuana in Virginia, But You Are Still It cannot be purchased legally until 2024.

maid grow In Virginia Beach it helps people legally grow and grow their own weed while also spreading awareness.

Freeman co-owns Grow Maid. Work started in January.

“Grow Maid is all about safety, health and wellness,” Freeman said.

Master growers take you from seed to harvest. They come to your home, create a space such as a closet or an attic, and help you grow the cannabis plant.

A person can have up to four plants in a house, and legally, they are not visible from the public street. You cannot sell or distribute marijuana.

Many argue that growing your own pot is safer than you can get in illegal underground pop-ups.

“Growing yourself up is always better because you know what’s inside,” Freeman said. “People don’t really know what they’re going to get when they buy off the streets.”

As Grow Maid educates people about cannabis, they are also trying to break stigmas.

“People just look at people who are smoking or people who are getting older … just like the ban was before,” Freeman said.

Possession of marijuana up to one ounce is legal for adults 21 and older. Anything over that, but less than a pound, will result in a $25 fine.

Having more than a pound of pot is a felony.

Governor Yongkin suggested making marijuana possession higher than two ounces, but less than a pound, a misdemeanor. Lawmakers are evaluating the proposal next week.

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