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Using weed to change the world: Find out which cannabis brands are making an impact

Stone Road: The Queer Run Cannabis brand paving the way for a more inclusive industry

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stone path Cannabis is believed to be nature’s best unifier, bringing people together from every place, background, sexual orientation, race, or religion. Stone Road is a brand run by queers and celebrated through diverse, inclusive, and provocative brand imagery that resonates particularly well with women and LGBTQ+ communities, paving the way for a more inclusive cannabis industry.

“Inclusivity is an integral part of our identity. Our goal is for Stone Road to share our products with the cannabis industry through the people who use our products. When you look at our ads, you see real customers and brand friends who want to be a part of what we do because they see their community represented in our production.” creative,” Founder and CEO of Stone Road, Lex Corwin.

Cosmic outlook: Progress towards solutions to women’s health

Transgender and non-binary women and men with female genitalia are five times more likely to be neglected when sharing concerns about their reproductive health.

K Survivor of rare reproductive cancer and endometriosisAnd Nicole Skipola and her mother Kristin Skipola, Ph.D. was established cosmic view Having experienced this gender-based gap in healthcare first-hand. Cosmic View Offers Backed by science and holistic health and options And Free educational resources For those deprived of traditional Western medicine.

“We source exclusively from small, old-fashioned farmers, dedicating hundreds of free hours to research, supporting patients, and creating products that focus on quality, integrity rather than margins, and maximizing profits. Implementing a triple bottom line – people, planet and profit – is our way of instilling meaning in our work,” Dr.. Kristen Scipola and Nicole Scipola.

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