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Virginia: Senate kills governor’s recriminalization amendment bill addressing industrially-derived marijuana products

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Republican Governor Glenn Yongkin’s last attempt to Recriminalization Activities involving possession of an ounce of marijuana by adults were defeated by an age adjustment to SB 591 for the session. That effort failed today with lawmakers refusing to introduce the bill to which it was added, SB 591.

Today, lawmakers voted to refer SB 591 to the Senate Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee. With the 2022 legislative session already over, this vote effectively ends any further discussion of the legislation this year.

JM Pedini, Director of Development at NORML and Executive Director of Virginia NORML, said, “The good news is that Governor Youngkin’s efforts to recriminalize personal possession have failed. The bad news is that the inaction of lawmakers today is allowing products to contain unregulated and potentially unsafe products and a synthetically derived THC that continues to spread in Virginia.”

Bedini added: “As he tries to find new ways to criminalize Virginians for failing personal possession of cannabis, Governor Yongkin’s administration must serve his constituents by creating a legal market for adult use of marijuana and ensuring that all cannabis products sold in the Commonwealth are meticulously labeled and regulated for safety. consumer”.

Commenting on the disapproval of the Basic Text that would currently regulate synthetically derived THC and new THC products, J.M. Pedini added: “Sending SB 591 back to the Senate Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee is not in the interest of public health or safety. By Without legislative action, non-regulated products containing synthetically derived THC will continue to be sold in retail and wholesale stores outside the strict regulatory oversight currently required for legally produced cannabis products. Not in the packaging when it comes to unregulated products.”

Personal possession and cultivation of small amounts of cannabis by adults 21 years of age or older is already permitted in Virginia under the 2021 legalization act. agreed by former Democratic Governor Ralph Northam. Senate legislators Separate legislation approved earlier this year to establish retail cannabis sales, but the bill died in the House after Republican members of the House Public Laws Subcommittee rejected the measure.

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