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Hemp regulatory update: California hemp growers sell potted products at farmers markets, legalization efforts in MO, OH, KS and SD

California allows cannabis growers to sell produce at farmers markets, raises issue of workplace protection for cannabis users

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A proposed bill would allow California cannabis growers to sell their cannabis products at licensed events, such as farmers’ markets.

Assembly Bell 269, sponsored by Assm. Jim Wood (D-Santa Rosa) was approved by the Society’s Business and Professions Committee on Tuesday.

“AB 2691’s focus is on helping legitimate cannabis growers who grow less than one acre of cannabis gain consumer appreciation for their unique products, just as it has done for craft beer, craft wine, and other family farm products,” Wood Tell cra 3.

“Giving these small farmers opportunities at locally accredited events to inform the public about their products increases consumer choice and provides farmers with a better opportunity to reach retail shelves which is their ultimate goal. This is not about scamming retailers, but about growing the industry in general.”

Golden State too Addressing workplace protection for cannabis users.

Under the legislation that a hearing was scheduled for April 20, Employers are prohibited from discriminating against workers and job applicants for the use of cannabis outside of work hours, according to to Bloomberg Law.

“As laws are now being developed for other states, particularly New England states, you actually see a much more advanced situation where they write more protective provisions” than in California or Colorado, John E Thomasis a McGuireWoods Fellow in Tysons, Virginia, and represents employers.

Missouri gears up for cannabis legalization efforts

The end of the legislative session in Missouri Only weeks away, but state lawmakers are showing no signs of slowing down.

Just a week after a GOP-led bill to legalize marijuana – Rep. Cannabis Freedom Act Ron Hicks advanced On the floor after the Legislative Oversight Committee was cleared, members of another House committee on Wednesday gave the green light to a bill that would set the stage for the medical marijuana business when it comes to taxes.

SB 807 Seeks to Put medical marijuana on a par with other industries, Colombia Missourian He writes.

“The purpose of the bill is primarily to separate from federal regulations and to allow for expenses that would normally be deductible for any other business,” David Smithsaid the Missouri Medical Trustee of the Cannabis Trade Association.

A total of 308 companies in Missouri have been licensed to test, grow, manufacture, distribute or transport medical marijuana as of January 7.

“It’s hard enough to run a small business these days, especially during a pandemic, but having to pay more taxes than any other small business in your community is certainly detrimental, we think, to economic growth,” Jack Cardettia spokesman for the MOCann Trade Association, said.

Ohio lawmakers seek to simplify the medical marijuana licensing process

A Republican-led Ohio bill that would streamline the process for companies competing to license medical marijuana and allow doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to help a patient, won its fourth hearing on Wednesday.

The House of Representatives Government Oversight Committee Hearing held on Senate Bill 261And mentioned Fox 8.

Sen said. Steve Hoffman (R-Tipp City), who introduced the bill.

Currently, Buckey’s medical marijuana program is supervised by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

Hoffman’s bill seeks to shift most of the power to the Commerce Department.

“It all comes down to the commerce department to provide a unified place for companies to get their answers and grow their business,” Hoffman said, adding that license applicants often bounce back and forth between the two regulators.

Meanwhile, a Bill to legalize marijuana in Ohio Which roughly matches the Citizen Initiative of the Alliance to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CTRMLA) was Presented last week. representatives. Casey Weinstein (d) and Terrence Upchurch (d) from sponsored by The legislation announced a plan for the unofficial cannabis holiday on 4/20.

Kansas lawmakers give green light to jointly negotiated cannabis legalization bill

KS lawmakers met on Wednesday to begin discussions on promoting medical marijuana legalization in the state, mentioned Marijuana moment.

Members of both houses met following the appointments of key lawmakers to a conference committee tasked with detailing the reform. The six-member panel heard all about The differences between the scale adopted from the home last year A bill was introduced this year in the Senate.

Advocates hope these gatherings will send a final bill to the governor’s office, sooner rather than later.

While lawmakers are scheduled to meet again on Thursday To continue where they left off the day before, a deal on the reform proposal appears within reach.

To simplify the process, lawmakers plan to include agreed language in an unrelated legislative tool that has already liquidated both houses.

Fewer than 450 South Dakota approved for medical cannabis program, more signatures needed for marijuana legalization ballot initiative

South Dakota voters approved legalization during the 2020 election. Nearly 19 months later, fewer than 500 patients had been approved by the state health department for a medical identification card for cannabis, mentioned By the Argos Leader newspaper in Sioux Falls.

“Although it has been available since November, only a small number of South Dakota residents have been able to obtain a state-issued medical cannabis card due to the limited number of physicians authorized to certify patients in the state,” he said. Molevi BransonFounder MyMarijuanaCards.com, A Michigan-based company that assists individuals seeking government certification for medical cannabis use with physicians.

The newspaper wrote that It was the health department Only 419 medical marijuana cards were issued to patients as of Tuesday.

Branson launched the state’s first three-day mass patient screening event — dubbed “Marijuana Spring Fling” — Tuesday in downtown Sioux Falls.

Meanwhile, cannabis activists seem to be too lag behind When collecting signatures for a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in the state.

The South Dakotans Team for Better Marijuana Laws (SDBML) recently pledged supporters to work even harder to secure the remaining signature as the deadline approaches.

Activists must provide at least 16,961 valid signatures from voters registered through May 3 to qualify for the ballot.

Photo: Courtesy of Diahna Lewis employment Unsplash

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